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The marketplace provides a way to make your designs and IP available to other designers, design firms or OEM companies designing new products.

How It Works


  • Two types of design categories.
    • ASIC / SoC
    • Digital / Analog IP
  • Designs and IP are protected. Only black box models are visible. Downloading designs is prohibited.
  • All IP and designs are tracked by the platform. License fees and royalties are distributed when designs are purchased.
  • Feasibility tools for providing top-level exploration and evaluation of ASIC & SoC design.
  • Designers can ‘try-before-buy’.
  • Complete toolchain based on open-source tools.
  • Prototyping services leveraging MPW shuttles are available for samples and validation.
  • Marketplace listing supports both on- and off-platform IP.
  • Off-platform IP can be listed with or without models to support evaluation using the platform tools.
The Design Marketplace provides a facility for prospective customers, designers and design firms to search for designs and IP developed or listed by partners and community.
The marketplace supports a range of IP / design categories including systems (with single or multiple PCBAs), Programmable ICs (including FPGAs, PSoC and Configurable Mixed Signal ICs), ASIC and SoC platforms as well as Analog and Digital IP.
Designs and IP on the marketplace are secure. They are restricted from being downloaded from the site. Analog and digital IP are obfuscated by default. Only black box views are provided for prospective customers or designers to evaluate the IP.
Test benches can be included and support an automated characterization engine (CACE) on the platform. Demonstration projects can also be provided to assist in evaluation.
Feasibility tools on the platform allow for product OEM customers or other designers and firms to explore ASIC and SoC designs based on their own or an existing reference designs from the marketplace. Customers can also evaluate IP using demonstration projects provided in the marketplace or within their own designs. The tool allows users to select and evaluate potential IP blocks from the marketplace using behavioral or full models.
Behavioral models can be provided for functional top-level integration and verification by customers. These models can be used in top-level ASIC verification and to explore design options.
Full models include behavioral models as well as more detailed representations such as schematics, layouts, SPICE netlists.
The above features along with secured access integrated on the platform enable a ‘try-before-buy’ capability for customers considering licensing designs from the marketplace.
Even if you have developed your IP off platform, you can still choose to provide behavioral models for prospective customers to evaluate your IP on our platform with our tools.
For designers, firms or product OEM companies who want to develop IP, a complete toolchain is provided on the platform based on open-source tools. The toolchain offers designers the ability to develop IP without the upfront costs associated with tool licensing fees.
The toolchain features the following capabilities:
  • Schematic capture
  • Synthesis
  • Static Timing Analysis
  • Placement
  • Routing
  • Layout & DRC
  • LVS
  • Verilog simulation
  • Co-simulation
  • Mask generation
We are continuing to expand our foundry partners and supported technology nodes.
Today we support the following foundry and technology nodes:
  • X-FAB 180nm
  • X-FAB 350nm
Once design is complete, efabless provides cost-effective prototyping services through MPW shuttle programs managed with our foundry partners.
Several pricing options are available depending on whether you used efabless tools to develop the IP or whether you include behavioral models:
  • * Fee based on licensing fees and royalty
  • ** Platform fee applies to designs and IP with behavioral or full models in the marketplace
The pricing tiers provide various levels of value related to listing IP, designs and services in the Design Marketplace.
The Basic level is free and provides listing up to 3 IP / designs in the marketplace. A referral fee of 5% is assessed for purchases stemming from a lead provided by the Design Marketplace.
At Silver level, a partner may list up to 15 IP / designs. They can include behavioral models for any or all of the listings they choose. For IP / designs where behavioral models are included, and incremental platform fee is assessed for purchases stemming from the Design Marketplace. Additionally, partners may list design services in the marketplace as well. Leads resulting in commercial revenue are also subject to a 5% referral fee.
At Gold level, partners may list an unlimited number of IP / designs. Full models can be provided for IP on technology nodes supported by the platform. Referral and platform fees for Silver level also apply for Gold.
An Designed On-platform tier exists for designs developed on the platform using the efabless toolchain. The number of IP / designs that may be listed is unrestricted and support the inclusion of both behavioral and full models on the platform. Referral fees are 5% and the platform fee for these specific IP / designs is 25% (e.g. this does not apply to other IP / designs not developed on the platform).
For IP developed and residing on the platform, efabless will track and manage access and payment from customers and distribute proceeds less fees to you.
For IP developed off-platform, efabless will forward all customer inquiries to you. You are responsible for notifying us if you complete a sale of your IP through a reference provided efabless.
Promotional packages vary across each tier. Details for each level are described here: