I want to design a practical upconverter/downconverter device including peripherals that will allow for ease of integration with features that support a variety of applications. These features will help reduce conversion loss, allow for different LO and RF drive stengths, incorporate a multiplier for the LO, and support MxN spur, and image rejection. These objectives will be acomplished by including RF VGA on the LO, and RF ports of the mixer core, incorporating a tunable BP filter on the LO with a LUT for ease of use, including a frequency doubler, and incorporating an envelop detector for calibration, and a DC offset for IQ calibration. The mixer core design will be based around a gilbert-cell double balanced mixer. I decided on this architecture because, traditionally, gilbert cell mixers require relatively low power for the LO, have good port to port isolation, and in general have excellent 1/f noise. Ideallly, the applicability of this device would be in communication and radar systems. 

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project layout image
project layout image
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Michael Stetzler


Upconverter/Downconverter with integrated with image rejection, RF gain stage, and LO chain that includes frequency multiplier, tunable BP filter, I/Q phase control, and VGA.





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