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Riscduino is a 32 bit RISC V based SOC design pin compatible to arudino platform and this soc targetted for efabless Shuttle program. This project uses only open source tool set for simulation,synthesis and backend tools. The SOC flow follow the openlane methodology and SOC environment is compatible with efabless/carvel methodology.

Riscduino Block Diagram

Key features

    * Open sourced under Apache-2.0 License (see LICENSE file) - unrestricted commercial use allowed.
    * industry-grade and silicon-proven Open-Source RISC-V core from syntacore 
    * 4KB SRAM for data memory
    * Pin Compatbible to arudino uno
    * Quad SPI Master
    * UART with 16Byte FIFO
    * USB 1.1 Host
    * I2C Master
    * 6 Channel ADC
    * 6 PWM
    * Wishbone compatible design
    * Written in System Verilog
    * Open-source tool set
       * simulation - iverilog
       * synthesis  - yosys
       * backend/sta - openlane tool set
    * Verification suite provided.

SOC Pin Mapping

Carvel SOC provides 38 GPIO pins for user functionality. Riscduino SOC GPIO Pin Mapping  vs ATMEGA328 and Arudino

ATMGA328 Pin No Functionality Arudino Pin Name Carvel Pin Mapping
Pin-1 PC6/RESET   digital_io[0]
Pin-2 PD0/RXD D0 digital_io[1]
Pin-3 PD1/TXD D1 digital_io[2]
Pin-4 PD2/INT0 D2 digital_io[3]
Pin-5 PD3/INT1/OC2B(PWM0) D3 digital_io[4]
Pin-6 PD4 D4 digital_io[5]
Pin-7 VCC   -
Pin-8 GND   -
Pin-9 PB6/XTAL1/TOSC1   digital_io[6]
Pin-10 PB7/XTAL2/TOSC2   digital_io[7]
Pin-11 PD5/OC0B(PWM1)/T1 D5 digital_io[8]
Pin-12 PD6/OC0A(PWM2)/AIN0 D6 digital_io[9] /analog_io[2]
Pin-13 PD7/A1N1 D7 digital_io[10]/analog_io[3]
Pin-14 PB0/CLKO/ICP1 D8 digital_io[11]
Pin-15 PB1/OC1A(PWM3) D9 digital_io[12]
Pin-16 PB2/SS/OC1B(PWM4) D10 digital_io[13]
Pin-17 PB3/MOSI/OC2A(PWM5) D11 digital_io[14]
Pin-18 PB4/MISO D12 digital_io[15]
Pin-19 PB5/SCK D13 digital_io[16]
Pin-20 AVCC   -
Pin-21 AREF   analog_io[10]
Pin-22 GND   -
Pin-23 PC0/ADC0 A0 digital_io[18]/analog_io[11]
Pin-24 PC1/ADC1 A1 digital_io[19]/analog_io[12]
Pin-25 PC2/ADC2 A2 digital_io[20]/analog_io[13]
Pin-26 PC3/ADC3 A3 digital_io[21]/analog_io[14]
Pin-27 PC4/ADC4/SDA A4 digital_io[22]/analog_io[15]
Pin-28 PC5/ADC5/SCL A5 digital_io[23]/analog_io[16]
Additional Pad used for Externam ROM/RAM/USB
Sflash sflash_sck   digital_io[24]
SFlash sflash_ss   digital_io[25]
SFlash sflash_io0   digital_io[26]
SFlash sflash_io1   digital_io[27]
SFlash sflash_io2   digital_io[28]
SFlash sflash_io3   digital_io[29]
SSRAM ssram_sck   digital_io[30]
SSRAM ssram_ss   digital_io[31]
SSRAM ssram_io0   digital_io[32]
SSRAM ssram_io1   digital_io[33]
SSRAM ssram_io2   digital_io[34]
SSRAM ssram_io3   digital_io[35]
usb1.1 usb_dp   digital_io[36]
usb1.1 usb_dn   digital_io[37]
project layout image
project layout image
Layout Image

Arduino compatible Risc-V Based SOC