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NanoCMOS public

Mariana Huerta

A single-photon resolution color imager chip

PROPEL2 public

Sean Huang | bwrc.eecs.berkeley.edu


Wireless... public

Andalib Nizam | https://mlab.utk.edu/

This is a design project led by the Mixed-Signal Analog Circuit Sensor Design group MLAB from...

CLEAR public

Jeff DiCorpo

The CLEAR project

SSCS PICO Chip 5 public

Omiya Hassan

This submission is a merger of the following SSCS PICO Projects. 1. DeepSAC for Sleep apnea...

Grapevine public

Priyanka Dilip

Grapevine: An Asynchronous Numerical Interpolator using Sparse Grids

VSCPU3x public

Burak Yakup Çakar

VSCPU3x is a programmable system with 3 VSCPU cores and 24 kB SRAM.

Test_7_Seg public

Sara N

7 seg LED

RISC SOC public

Sara N

Verifying users "Terms".

Test_EE372 public


A test

my_project_new public

Jeff DiCorpo

test project

user_project_wrapper2 public

cheng Li


Test Structures for... public

Martin Sauter | www.unibw.de/etti

We designed a couple of teststructures for electrical characterisation of bipolar transistors in...

MPC4 public

Bassant Hassan

Multi-Project Caravel (MPC): The user’s project area is partitioned into 4 (2x2) small projects...

caravel_user_project public

Jeff DiCorpo

Caravel user project example implementing a counter.

Caravel User... public

Jeff DiCorpo

Caravel User Project for CI2304

Analog_Precheck public

Tomas Choi

Analog Precheck

open source phy_2106Q public


high-speed PHY

RCA public

Jeff DiCorpo

TinyTapeout for RCA

aloe_sky130 public

Xingyu Ni

aloe-sky130 is an analog PnR automation tool based on ALOE architecture using skywater-130nm...

Clear public

Bassant Hassan

CLEAR is an Open Source FPGA-ASIC utilizing 9x9 eFPGA

Motion Compensation... public

Daniel Kim

This is the motion compensation block of a hardware video CODEC system.

LDO1V8 public

Bassant Hassan

A test chip including three 3.3 V to 1.8 V, 100 mA, LDO

RF Receiver Front-end public

David Yang

RF Receiver front-end for WiFi 6 (5.925 GHz).

SSCS PICO Chip 6 public

Jorge Marin

This submission is a merger of the following SSCS PICO...

Zero to ASIC... public

Matt Venn

Zero to ASIC project 5.2 walkthrough


Mudassir Ali | http://isb.nu.edu.pk/rfcs2/

This submission is a merger of the following SSCS PICO Projects....

AZW test project... public

Andrew Wright | www.efabless.com

Test project to work though the flow

SPI Powered FFT public

William Salcedo | https://c2s2.engineering.cornell.edu/index.html

This is a fixed point, pipelined, 8-point Fast Fast Fourier transform with SPI modules on both...

ModifiedBaughWooleyV2 public

Aditya Nagaraj

8 bit modified fixed point baugh wooley multiplier, following Q5.3 representation

Maverick 603... public

Ryan Wans | https://www.radiostack.com/

Work in progress.

test public

Md Tanvir Arafin


TinyTapeout-02 public

Matt Venn | TinyTapeout.com

TinyTapeout is an educational project that makes it easier and cheaper than ever to get your...

SSCS2 PICO CHIP 1 public

Ali Sabir | http://isb.nu.edu.pk/rfcs2/

This submission is a merger of the following SSCS PICO Projects. 1. DC-DC...

SSCS PICO Chip 4 remake public

Stefanos Kontogiannis

SSCS PICO CHIP 4 for team Greece, novel boost converter.

TinyTapeout 03 public

Matt Venn | https://tinytapeout.com/

Tiny Tapeout 03

Fast ANN Fieldious public

Jake Ke

Fast ANN Fieldious is a hardware accelerator for approximate nearest neighbor fields (ANN).

CLEAR v2 public

Jeff DiCorpo

Updated layout for CLEAR

aloe-sky130 public

Yueting Li

aloe-sky130 is an analog PnR automation tool based on ALOE architecture using skywater-130nm...

Grapevine public

Leo Liu

An Asynchronous Numerical Accelerator Using Sparse Grids.

Open PMIC V1 public

Weston Braun

A current mode buck converter

4x8 CGRA Prototype public

Po-Han Chen

A coarse grained reconfigurable array that enables hardware acceleration for applications...

Riscduino-DCore(D2) public

Dinesh Annayya

Riscduino is a Dual 32 bit RISC V based SOC design pin compatible to arduino platform and this...

counter_lite public

Vaibhav Vishwakarama

Picrorv322 based counter

SSCS PICO Chip 6 public

Mauricio Alejandro Montanares Sepúlveda

The project is oriented to implement a multichannel signal path for ultrasonic air-coupled sonar...

SSCS PICO Chip 4 public

Jared Marchant

https://efabless.com/projects/342 https://efabless.com/projects/340 https://efabless.com/projects/312

SSCS PICO Chip 7 public

Andalib Nizam | https://mlab.utk.edu/

USA 5 group from University of Tennessee Knoxville designing an Electrochemical Sensor chip to...

SSCS PICO Chip 1 public

hamza atiq | http://isb.nu.edu.pk/rfcs2/

This submission is a merger of the following SSCS PICO...

Artificial heart1 public

Dr Mehdi Khan | www.upplysningavancez.com

Design Artificial heart custom design IP

Kairos public

Chris Calloway

kairos fixed

iiitb_tlc_caravel22 public


In this project, traffic light controller on a four-way road using a sensor is proposed. A...

OsciBearIgnite public

Dan Fritchman | https://github.com/ucberkeley-ee290c

Berkeley student-designed wireless SoC, featuring a RISC-V Rocket processor, hardware AES...

Cryptochip public

Kylee Krzanich

Cryotochip is a RISC-V SoC tightly coupled with several cryptographic accelerators including a...

Wakey Wakey public

Jhoneldrick Millares

Reconfigurable Wake Word Accelerator


Mehdi Saligane

This project contains the first version of a recursive SAR DCDC based PMU targeting secure and...

UCSC OpenRAM Test-Chip... public

Muhammad Hadir Khan | https://vlsida.soe.ucsc.edu/

This testchip contains various OpenRAM generated SRAM macros for testing.

OpenEnclave public

Ian MacFarlane

OpenEnclave is a basic BGV (homomorphic) encryption accelerator.

openPUF and aloe-sky130 public

Luke Sammarone

openPUF is an open source bistable ring PUF in sky130. aloe-sky130 is an analog PnR automation...

Stanford... public

John Kustin

A Bandgap Reference Circuit Based On The Banba Architecture Made For Stanford's Ee272b: Design...


Mehdi Saligane

This a secure RoT inspired by the OpenTitan design. The chips will be used to do a differential...

Standalone... public

John Kustin

An educational bandgap reference circuit using a 1.8v supply based on the Banba...

MSU EEGR 463 public

Md Tanvir Arafin

MSU EEGR 463 submission

SSCS PICO Chip2 public

Ramakrishna P.V.

This submission is a merger of the following SSCS PICO projects: 1....

ECE 5745 Class Tapeout public

Christopher Batten | https://www.csl.cornell.edu/courses/ece5745

ECE 5745 Class Tapeout


Mauricio Alejandro Montanares Sepúlveda

Mix Pix project. Chile Team 1 Analog image processing interface

Test Chip public

Charles J Gantt

Copy of of 4tlr reram project

Lea_Project_Public public


Picking up where Lea left off


George Klimiashvili

This is a BOOM RISC-V OoO Core SoC.

TopmetalSe A... public

Xiaochen Ni | https://www.npl.washington.edu/

The TopmetalSe is a pixelated charge sensor in the Skywater 130nm process, designed for the...


Janani Aravind

Radiation Hardened ALU

Telluride... public

Andreas G. Andreou | http://andreoulab.net

An auditory perception acoustic front end with multi-channel capability and standard digital...

OpenPUF public

Jeff DiCorpo

Corrected soft errors for openPUF

12-bit 10-KSPS... public

Raymond Haoqin Yang

A 12-bit 10-KSPS IADC in SKY130 open-source PDK.


Micah Tseng

SSCS PICO CHIP 3 is a collaboration between teams Austria, Brazil, and USA1. The three designs...

SSCS Pico Chip 3 public

Luís Henrique Rodovalho Moreira de Lima

SSCS Pico Chip with an Analog Front End for Biosignals, Digitally Programmable Gain Amplifier,...

SSCS Chip 7 public

Praveen Raj | https://hasler.ece.gatech.edu/

This Skywater 130nm implementation project will build a programmable end-to-end...

VCO-based ADC public

Duy-Hieu Bui | http://iti.vnu.edu.vn/

This project implements a VCO-Based ADC on skywater 130nm for IoT. This is a sigma-delta ADC...

Q-Pix130 public

Jonathan Asaadi | https://www.qpix.work/

Testing of the Q-Pix architecture in 130nm


Stefanos Kontogiannis

SSCS PICO CHIP 4 for team Greece, novel boost converter.

IOTestVehicle_pt2 public

Staf Verhaegen

IO ring version of test vehicle for wire bonding

OpenEnclave public

Chris Michael Calloway

OpenEnclave for EE 372. Merged GDS version 11/3/2022

Grapevine public

Chris Michael Calloway

Grapevine for EE 372, updated for merged GDS

Fast ANN Fieldious public

Chris Michael Calloway | https://priyanka-raina.github.io/ee372-spring2022/

Approximate Nearest Neighbor Accelerator

Fast ANN public

Chris Calloway

Fast ANN merged

Grapevine public

Christopher Michael Calloway

Grapevine designed merged