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Low-cost ASIC Development for

Sensors and MEMS




ASIC for an Intelligent MEMS Sensor

  • Combines custom analog front-end with configurable SoC design template
  • Leverage SoC design template for MCU-based ASIC controller
  • Configuration optimized based on application requirements
  • Leverages existing design for digital system design Integrated with user provided analog front-end
  • Example front-end with digital bus wrapper provided
Raptor for MEMS based on the Arm Cortex M0 processor
  • Proven design templates based on ARM® Cortex®-M
  • Selection of proven analog and digital peripherals based on your application requirements
  • Complete turn-key services for engineering samples and production
  • Leading foundry technologies
  • Development and Engineering Samples
    • Starting at $70k
    • Initial tape-out in < 8 weeks
    • 50 engineering samples in 20 weeks
  • Full volume production cost NRE: ~ $100,000
  • Additional IP license fees maybe required for some configurations

What are the Benefits of Custom Silicon


Power and Performance Optimization

Power can be optimize through pruning unused features and intelligent management of peripherals. Speed can be accelerated by moving from FPGA to hard implementations

Reduce the Footprint of Electronics

Footprint is reduced through integration of discrete components into silicon and reducing board size.

Component and System Cost

Cost can be reduced by moving from complex off-the-shelf parts as well as integration many discrete components

Protection of Design Details

Implementing critical functions or designs in silicon cortex from reverse engineering by competitors.

How We Work

Getting samples for your custom SoC is made easy and fast
through a streamlined process on the Efabless platform.

Create an SoC Configuration

Create a custom configuration of an SoC using simple pulldown menus and a web-based wizard tool. Note any customization requirements.

Generate a Reqest

Submit a request to Efabless to create samples. We will contact you to confirm your order and any additional requirements before proceeding.

Get Your SoC Sample Parts

Get your SoC samples, either as packaged parts and/or on evaluation PCBAs. Use our example firmware to verify.

Move to Production

Transfer your design to a production mask. Lower upfront NRE by sharing mask and fabrication costs with other Efabless customers. Transition to an Efabless partner for full volume production and support.