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CI 2309 Shuttle Projects

Caravel-Vector-Co... public

William Salcedo | https://github.com/wrs225/Caravel-Vector-Coprocessor-AI

This is our submission for the EFabless AI Generated Chip Design Competition. It features a...

ShaliSA public


Shalicon systolic array

Edge_Circuit_Designer public

Noritsuna Imamura | https://github.com/noritsuna/Edge_Circuit_Designer

This project is an Edge AI execution environment for running Meta's LLaMa2 and Code LLaMa on a...

AI_by_AI public

Emilio Baungarte

CNN-based MNIST Classifier Integrated Circuit (IC) using ChatGPT-4

tinytapeout-04 public

Uri Shaked | https://tinytapeout.com/

Tiny Tapeout 04 Visit https://tinytapeout.com for more information on the project and how to get involved

IMPACT_Custom_SRAM_01 public

William (Liam) Oswald

IMPACT labs custom SRAM design, built from custom Magic and Xschem designs, to verify and...

MASC_AI_Synthesiz... public

Mark Zakharov | https://github.com/masc-ucsc/MASC-AI-Synthesized-Cryptoprocessor

Group of researchers from UCSC are submitting a ChatGPT-4 designed and tested RISC-V 32-bit...

CyberGuard-Fortif... public

Asma Mohsin | https://github.com/Asma-Mohsin/CyberGuard-Fortifying-Tomorrows-data_AI-based-design.git

In the contemporary landscape of computing, where data is vital, safeguarding its integrity is...

AI-RISCV-Timer public


This is an AI-RISCV-TIMER generated using the generative AI technique.

Counter-OL2 public

Bassant Hassan

Counter user project example using OpenLane 2

RX-Receiver-Frontend public

David Yang

RF Receiver front-end for WiFi 6 (5.925 GHz).

openram-testchip-v4 public

Muhammad Hadir Khan

A testchip containing multiple openram generated memories and testing infrastructure

Purdue-STARS-NEBULA public

Spencer Bowles

Nano Electronics Bringing Undergraduate Learning Ahead

caravel_openframe_project public

Jeff DiCorpo | https://github.com/mo-hosni/caravel_openframe_project.git

Example project demonstrating the use of caravel openframe.

RX-Receiver_Frontend public

Jeff DiCorpo | https://github.com/davidy135/RX_Frontend

Simple RF Receiver front-end for WiFi 6 (5.925 GHz). Aims to improve linearity on LNA and Mixer.

2309_test_2 public

Jeff DiCorpo

User flow test for 2309 shuttle.