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MPW-3 Shuttle Projects

Ibtida_II public

Zeeshan Rafique

This submission is for Ibtida-I which was selected for the First MPW Shuttle. Due to the issues...

Current Starved... public

NALINKUMAR S | https://www.vlsisystemdesign.com/

This project focuses on design of a Current Starved VCO using Google Skywater (sky130)...

Two Stage CMOS... public

Madhuri Hemant Kadam | http://www.vlsisystemdesign.com/

CMOS OPAMP is Basic building block of analog and Mixed signal circuits. It is used in many...

UCSC OpenRAM Test Chip... public

Matthew Guthaus | https://vlsida.soe.ucsc.edu/

This project contains a test chip for several OpenRAM memory configurations. The configurations...

Comparator and... public

Harry Snell

3v3 comparator with 1v8 output. For possible future uses in ADCs. May also include other related...

Caravel public

Lena Hwang

A template SoC for Google sponsored Open MPW shuttles for SKY130

Potentiometric_10bit_DAC public

Sameer S Durgoji | https://www.vlsisystemdesign.com/

Design of a 10 Bit Potentiometric Digital to Analog Converter with 3.3V analog voltage, 1.8V...

My_Proj public

Karthikeyan R


Efabless processor public

Andrew Feldman

Basic design to familiarize with this service

picorF0 public

Anish Singhani

CAN bus controller and teaching-oriented CPU core

fuserisc2 public

Nguyen Dao

Demonstration of the Fabulous FPGA design flow using the Skywater 130 process. This project...

VSDMemSoC public

Mufutau Akuruyejo

VSDMemSoC is a small SoC including a RISCV-based processor named RVMYTH and an external 1kB SRAM...

Sziklai-Pair-Amplifier public

SUMANTO KAR | https://www.vlsisystemdesign.com/ https://esim.fossee.in/

This project focuses on design of a Sziklai Pair Amplifier using Google Skywater (sky130)...

VSDBabySoC public

Mufutau Akuruyejo | httpS://WWW.vlsisystemdesign.com

VSDBabySoC is a small SoC including PLL, DAC, and a RISCV-based processor named RVMYTH.

Caravel HyperRAM... public

Paweł Sitarz

Project instantiates HyperRAM driver for external memory chip (8MB version) and additional...

8-bit SAR-ADC... public

Christoph Weiser

This is a Analog to Digital Converter based on the popular SAR architecture. It has 8-bit...

Key Value store public

Giray Pultar

Key value store implemented on asic.

caravel_periphera... public

Siva Prasad

A attempt to integrate various peripherals like I2C, I2S, UART, SPI, QSPI , JTAG, PWM, GPIO ,...

1V8 LDO Design... public

Amro Tork | https://mabrains.com

1V8 LDO Design in Skywaters 130nm

Class-D Audio Amplifier public

Hongzhe Jiang

This project is intended to implement a closed-loop class-d audio amplifier with 1.8 V power...

microcontroller_sensors public

Omar Mohamed Saadawy

Voltmeter & Ammeter

Two-Stage-CMOS-Op... public

ROHINTH RAM R.V. | https://www.vlsisystemdesign.com/

Two Stage CMOS Operational Amplifier

MBIST Controller public

Dinesh Annayya

MBIST controller with Row Redundancy Support

Sudoku Accelerator public

Andrea Nall

Sudoku accelerator module that is capable of running an 'only candidate' pass in 23 cycles and a...

High Speed Adder public


This projects aims to design an high speed adder based on recursive doubling technique and...

PWM_Test public

Karthikeyan R


TreePRAM-red public

Tamas Hubai

Reduced version of TreePRAM for faster builds and tests. Not submitting for the shuttle.

ROTFPGA public

Tamas Hubai

A reconfigurable logic circuit made of identical rotatable tiles.

TreePRAM public

Tamas Hubai

Implements a version of the parallel random-access machine used in theoretical computer science...

yifive_a1 public

Manikanta | https://univisiontechnocon.com/

RISC-V Core Based Subsystem

caravel_jacaranda-8 public

Yuki Azuma | https://cpu-dev.github.io/

PicoRV & Jacaranda-8 - It's a hobby heterogeneous processor!

Elpis Light processor public

Aurora Tomás

This project is a light version of the Elpis core, which is a 5-stage pipelined and multi-cycle...

StdCellLib public

Philipp Gühring | https://libresilicon.com/

This is a testwafer project with standard cells that were automatically generated by the...

Pre-Trained... public

Xiangyue Meng

This project implements a pre-trained neural network for hand-written digits from MNIST dataset.

CMOS photodetectors public

Seyedali Hosseini

Five photodetector layout by sky130 PDK 1. Simple p-n photodiode. 2. Buried double junction...

Randsack public

Harrison Pham

Random number generators, PUFs, and resubmission of MPW-1 Softshell.

YONGA-100M Ethernet public

Abdullah YILDIZ | https://yongatek.com/

YONGA-100M Ethernet is based on the implementation of Alex Forencich's 100Mbps Ethernet design.

Zero to ASIC... public

Matt Venn | https://www.zerotoasiccourse.com

MPW3 submission

YONGA-SERV Accelerator public

Abdullah YILDIZ | https://yongatek.com/

YONGA-SERV Accelerator includes the award-winning SERV RISC-V processor with a matrix...

Crypto Accelerator v2 public

Anish Singhani

SHA/AES accelerator and VGA graphics demo

VSD SRAM public

Shon Taware | https://vlsisystemdesign.com/

Aims at design of a SRAM cell array with a configuration of 1.8 V operating voltage and access...

Approximate-Multiplier public

S Skandha Deepsita

This project is implementation of approximate multiplier published in ACM TODAES journal 2021,...

ToolTest gpioCtrl public

Sebastian Wiebking | https://www.idpro-online.de

Digital test design with simple GPIO control for toolchain testing

Caravel SRAM Test public

Michael Tomlinson

The project instantiates an SRAM block in the user project area for testing.

Caravel Priority Encoder public

Mohammad Khalique Khan | https://www.vlsisystemdesign.com/

This project produced a clean GDSII Layout with all details that are used to print photomasks...

Riscduino public

Dinesh Annayya

Arduino compatible Risc-V Based SOC

Serializer public

A Devipriya | https://www.vlsisystemdesign.com/

This project produces a clean GDS - Final Layout with all details that are used to print...

Ghazi SoC II public

Zain Rizwan Khan

An implementation of the original Ghazi SoC (https://efabless.com/projects/20) hardened using...

A Modified 8 bit... public

Karthik Mahendra

Dadda multiplier is a type of binary multiplier which uses less munber of gates when compared to...

Donkey Kong... public

Nicholas R. Smith

ASIC designed to translate input from the Donkey Kong Jungle Beat bongos into PS2 keystrokes.

Coriolis Test SoC public

Myrtle Shah

Test SoC using Coriolis for PnR with Amaranth on Sky130

Fixed2Float_Converter public


This project is implementation for conversion of 19bit fixed point number to single precision...

Dickson Charge Pump public

Charaan Suresh Kumar | https://www.vlsisystemdesign.com/

This project focuses on the design and layout of a Dickson Charge Pump in a 130nm technology...