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CI 2406 Shuttle Projects

zam_zerotoasiccou... public

Mohamed Tawfik

test zam_zerotoasiccourse_test_01 SHA256

Efficient_Keyword... public


"Efficient Keyword Spotting Accelerator for Caravel SoC: A CNN-Based Approach" is a project...

tinytapeout-07 public

Uri Shaked | https://tinytapeout.com/

Tiny Tapeout 7 - Visit https://tinytapeout.com for more information on the project and how to...

KWS-ha public

Mohammed Fayiz Ferosh | https://github.com/fayizferosh/KWS-ha

My design of a simple KWS (Key Word Spotting) hardware accelerator designed by generative AI for...

KWS_inference-on-chip public

Xiaoyu Wen

We will pre-train a KWS model offline, then extract the computations related structure,...

efabless public

Ezeuko Emmanuel

demo project

AI_Wake_Up_Call_S... public

Chuck Perry | https://github.com/BlackWolfCyberEngineering/AI-Wake-Up-Call-Submission

The challenge aims to leverage generative AI to develop an open-source hardware accelerator...