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2304C Shuttle Projects

Wireless... public

Andalib Nizam | https://mlab.utk.edu/

This is a design project led by the Mixed-Signal Analog Circuit Sensor Design group MLAB from...

my_project_new public

Jeff DiCorpo

test project

Test-Structures-for-BJTs public

Martin Sauter | www.unibw.de/etti

We designed a couple of teststructures for electrical characterisation of bipolar transistors in...

MPC4 public

Bassant Hassan

Multi-Project Caravel (MPC): The user’s project area is partitioned into 4 (2x2) small projects...

Caravel User... public

Jeff DiCorpo

Caravel User Project for CI2304

RCA public

Jeff DiCorpo

TinyTapeout for RCA

Clear public

Bassant Hassan

CLEAR is an Open Source FPGA-ASIC utilizing 9x9 eFPGA

Motion-Compensation-IC public

Daniel Kim

This is the motion compensation block of a hardware video CODEC system.

LDO1V8 public

Bassant Hassan

A test chip including three 3.3 V to 1.8 V, 100 mA, LDO

ModifiedBaughWooleyV2 public

Aditya Nagaraj

8 bit modified fixed point baugh wooley multiplier, following Q5.3 representation

TinyTapeout 03 public

Matt Venn | https://tinytapeout.com/

Tiny Tapeout 03