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GFMPW-1 Shuttle Projects

gfmpw-1_demo public

Jeff DiCorpo

This is a demo project for GFMPW-1

WEST-1 public

David Burnett

Baseband and digital processing for a variety of projects in the WEST Lab.

AS2650v2 public

Luca Horn | https://github.com/AvalonSemiconductors/AS2650

Re-submission of last year’s AS2650 project. Now without processor bugs and more I/O.

Hatate public


CMOS image sensor and uProcessor

Test-Structures-for-BJTs public

Martin Sauter | www.unibw.de/etti

We designed a couple of teststructures for electrical characterisation of bipolar transistors in...

Chip_1 public

M Naveed


Encryption_Algorithm public


realize DES encryption and decryption algorithm

ai_solar_panel_monitor public

Karthik Mahendra

Stabilising the current, voltage of the solar panel under controlled temerature

Oscillators public

Danruh Ryan Tarog Lasta


RISC-V_MCU public

Amro Tork | https://github.com/mabrains/gf180mcu_riscv_soc

Implementation of RISC-V MCU for small projects.

tholin_multi_project public

Luca Horn

Multiple projects from multiple participants all on one die! Selected design gets access to the IO ports.

Rift2Go_2300_GF180_MPW1_1 public

Ruige Lee

test upload

Arun public

chikkaraju arun


Pak-DSP public

Ahsan Ali

In Progress (coming soon...)

micro_irritating_maze public

Noritsuna Imamura | https://github.com/noritsuna/micro_irritating_maze

This is a maze game played with tools using semiconductor chips before bonding. Specifically,...

Sampler public

David Zheng

Build a decently fast sampler in CMOS

DFF-based_PUF public

Thomas Lewis

An array designed to evaluate the stability and reliability over various physical environment of...

quite_okay_accelerator public

Byron Lathi | https://git.byronlathi.com/bslathi19/quite_okay_accelerator_synth

A pipelined QOI encode/decode accelerator designed.

gfmpw_project public

Anurag Biradar


ppcpu-3 public

Piotr Wegrzyn | https://github.com/piotro888/ppcpu_caravel

Pipelined microprocessor with custom RISC architecture! (with caches and exported full system bus)

ISHI-KAI_Multiple... public


This project is a compilation of ISHI-KAI members' individual analog circuit projects for OpenGFMPW-1.

Research_JHHS public

Will Adelman

Dynamic CGRA-based accelerator prototype for RISC-V.

FrostyFerret public

Greg Davill | https://github.com/gregdavill/gf180-mpw1-frosty-ferret

Litex based SoC with Hyperbus interface

ISHI-KAI_Multiple... public

Miho Yamada

This project is a compilation of ISHI-KAI members' individual analog circuit projects for OpenGFMPW-1.

test_gds public

Noritsuna Imamura

Test project for GDS file.

ITA23_GFMPW1 public

Uriel Jaramillo Toral | https://aguascalientes.tecnm.mx/

The primary objective of this project was to impart knowledge about the fundamentals of...

LeoSoC-GFMPW-1 public

Leo Moser | https://github.com/mole99/leosoc-gfmpw-1

A simple dual-core SoC with a range of true random number generators as payload.

Riscduino_DCore_GF180_D7 public

Dinesh Annayya | https://github.com/dineshannayya/riscduino_dcore_gf180.git

Riscduino core Target to GE180nm

DAA public


An accumulation algorithm to adapt multiplier results to fixed width of the adder

my_gf180 public


Japanese student

riscduino_pxt1_gf180nm public

Dinesh Annayya

Riscduino Peripheral Chip set target 180nm

DPLL public

Omar Abdeldayem

Digital PLL or maybe more

Spiking_Neuron_Cluster public

Miles Segal | https://github.com/nfjesifb/Spiking_Neuron_Cluster

Asynchronous digital neuromorphic network build from leaky integrate and fire neurons. In the works!

PlarkZen-I-Lite public

Alexis Leonel Matwejzuk

PlarkZen I First Edition

RiscV_SoC public

Navaneeth Bhardwaj

This is a RiscV SoC based on the OpenHW group's CV32E40P CPU.

Spiking-Neural-Net public

Renaldas Zioma | https://github.com/rejunity/tt05-spiking-neural-net

Neural network on-chip design

RISCV_Waterlevel_... public

Alwin Shaju

Water purifier water level indicator using sensor even though it is iot project we are first...

Implementation_of... public

Lê Đức Hùng | https://github.com/duchungle/present

The lightweight cryptography cores were implemented consisting of PRESENT (lightweight block...

Multi_Projects_Cores public

M Naveed

Multi Projects Chip: For Cryptographic Core operations and VGA Display

SOC_based_Multi_Projects public

M Naveed

In Progress

Design_1 public

Emily Ocon

More details coming soon

18demux public

Spurthi Malode

1:8 demux

simple_riscv_fan public

Fan Zhang

simple_riscv practice

pes_ic public



pes_ripple_counter public

ripple_counter design

ADC_LogiCompilation_gf180 public

Jorge Angarita Pérez | https://github.com/Gior-gio/ADC_LogiCompilation-gf180

Compilation of 3 different Digital Logic Circuits topologies for ADC control: Flash (3-bit...

Crypto_Core_Blake2s public

Abdul Moiz Sheikh | https://github.com/AbdulMoizSheikh1/Crypto_blake2s.git

The project presents a implementtion of Blake2s cryptographic algorithm on opensource asic...

RISCV_Waterlevel_... public

Alwin Shaju | https://github.com/alwinshaju08/IIITB_Waterlevel_detector.git

It is a prototype for water purifier which has function of iot but we have implemented on the...

Cache_compression public

tapeout program

pes_traffic public

Azeem Gadkari

traffic light controller

Reverse_Vector public

Uday M

A "reverse vector" generally refers to a data structure or array where the elements or...

Binary_to_GreyConverter public

Pavan Talegaon

The primary goal of this project is to provide you with a structured environment for simulating...

solo-squash-caravel-v2 public

Anton Maurovic

A retry of solo-squash-caravel-gf180 to diagnose precheck exception

prova public

Gian Domenico Licciardo

it is to try te design flow

WB_LCD_Controller public

Angel Trujillo

ASIC Implementation for LCD Controller.

chip1 public

Ko Morishita


Test public

Connor Scott

Test project for the efabless wafer

Multi-core-embedded-SoC public

Aloke Das

This project has 10 16-bit microprocessors. Each of them is an Instruction Set Architecture CPU....

Multi_Projects_Cr... public

M Naveed

Cryptographic Core AES Implementation with other Projects

JSpi public

Herbert T

Jtag SPI controller

MicroMotorController-V3 public

Joshua Stevens

Controller to manage up to 32 different half h-bridge at the some time.

Convolution_Accelerator_1 public

Abdul Moiz Sheikh

This project gives a implementation of a opensource convolution accelerator The design has two...

addressable_pixel public

Prakhar Singh

This projects consists of the design of a pixel consisting of individual RGB LED's which can be...

SoomRV-GFMPW1 public

Mathis Salmen

The Linux-capable, out-of-order SoomRV rv32i core on GF180MCU