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YiFive is a 32 bit RISC V based SOC design targeted for efabless Shuttle program. This project uses only open source tool set for simulation,synthesis and backend tools. The SOC flow follow the openlane methodology and SOC environment is compatible with efabless/carvel methodology.

YiFive Block Diagram

Key features

    * Open sourced under Apache-2.0 License (see LICENSE file) - unrestricted commercial use allowed.
    * industry-grade and silicon-proven Open-Source RISC-V core from syntacore 
    * industry-graded and silicon-proven 8-bit SDRAM controller
    * Quad SPI Master
    * UART with 16Byte FIFO
    * I2C Master
    * Wishbone compatible design
    * Written in System Verilog
    * Open-source tool set
       * simulation - iverilog
       * synthesis  - yosys
       * backend/sta - openlane tool set
    * Verification suite provided.

Sub IP features


YiFive SOC Integrated Syntacore SCR1 Open-source RISV-V compatible MCU-class core. It is industry-grade and silicon-proven IP. Git link: https://github.com/syntacore/scr1

Block Diagram

RISC V Core Key feature

   * RV32I or RV32E ISA base + optional RVM and RVC standard extensions
   * Machine privilege mode only
   * 2 to 4 stage pipeline
   * Optional Integrated Programmable Interrupt Controller with 16 IRQ lines
   * Optional RISC-V Debug subsystem with JTAG interface
   * Optional on-chip Tightly-Coupled Memory

RISC V core customization YiFive SOC

  • Update: Modified some of the system verilog syntax to basic verilog syntax to compile/synthesis in open source tool like simulator (iverilog) and synthesis (yosys).
  • Modification: Modified the AXI/AHB interface to wishbone interface towards instruction & data memory interface

8bit SDRAM Controller

Due to number of pin limitation in carvel shuttle, YiFive SOC integrate 8bit SDRAM controller. This is a silicon proven IP. IP Link: https://opencores.org/projects/sdr_ctrl

Block Diagram

SDRAM Controller key Feature

    * 8/16/32 Configurable SDRAM data width
    * Wish Bone compatible
    * Application clock and SDRAM clock can be async
    * Programmable column address
    * Support for industry-standard SDRAM devices and modules
    * Supports all standard SDRAM functions.
    * Fully Synchronous; All signals registered on positive edge of system clock.
    * One chip-select signals
    * Support SDRAM with four banks
    * Programmable CAS latency
    * Data mask signals for partial write operations
    * Bank management architecture, which minimizes latency.
    * Automatic controlled refresh

RISC-V Core Based Subsystem