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UET Lahore Servo Motor Controller Module

The project implements different components used in a servo motor controller. The components include the following:

  1. Closed Loop PID Controller
  2. PWM Generator
  3. Delta Sigma Input (Decimation Filters such as CIC Filters)
  4. Direct Digital Synthesizers (DDS) for Generating Sinusoids

A block diagram of the project is given below:


The green part of the block diagram shows the components implemented in the project. One of the motor module runs the closed loop system, after the reset, with the quadrature encoder feedback and generates the corresponding PWM output.


Motor control is being used in numerous applications such as automotive drives, industrial processing, domestic applicances, etc. Different applications pose different challenges for the motor drive and an SoC that covers a wide range of applications will have huge potential. Our SoC combines different components that will be used in designing a motor controller catering such large application space.


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project layout image
project layout image
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Tayyeb Mahmood

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An industrial motor control SoC for sensored DC servos and sensorless AC FoC applications. Sermo provides 4 integrated PWM channels with built-in PID and Quad Encoder feedback inputs, 8 high precision field reconfigurable DSIs (Delta-Sigma inputs), and a hardware-assisted Park transformation (sin/cos) on caravel harness.