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The repo contains the EL2 SoC integratin with the Caravel chip. For the SoC related development, refer to EL2 SoC

Caravel Integration

Verilog View

The SoC utilizes the caravel IO ports and logic analyzer probes. Refer to user_project_wrapper.v

Caravel-IO EL2 SoC Mode
io[13:0] GPIO Bi-directional
io[17:14] flash Bi-directional
io[18] flash clk Output
io[19] flash enable Output
io[20] UART0 RX Input
io[21] UART0 TX Output
io[22] UART1 RX Input
io[23] UART1 TX Output
io[24] SPI0 I Input
io[25] SPI0 O Output
io[26] SPI0 SSn Output
io[27] SPI0 CLK Output
io[28] SPI1 I Input
io[29] SPI1 O Output
io[30] SPI1 SSn Output
io[31] SPI1 CLK Output
io[32] I2C0 IO Bi-directional
io[33] I2C0 IO Bi-directional
io[34] I2C1 IO Bi-directional
io[35] I2C1 IO Bi-directional
io[36] pwm0 Output
io[37] pwm1 Output

GDS View

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project layout image
project layout image
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Jeff DiCorpo

A template SoC for Google sponsored Open MPW shuttles for SKY130.