Openlane RTL to GDSII flow we have implemented works well for digital synthesis and chip assembly for the test case picorv32 RISC V core. While digital synthesis flows are powerful and go hand in hand with open source designs in hardware description languages. The methodology was implemented using Sky-
Water and open source PDK. The results at various stages are steamed out using klayout and finally GDSII file is obtained that the Foundries accept for the manufacture of ASICs.Open-source EDA is truly a field of dreams, it goes beyond academic research skillsets and hence is part of a movement.

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project layout image
project layout image
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Prajna Mangeshkar


This project mainly performs the full ASIC implementation of the design from RTL to GDSII. RISC-V is described as a specification and Picorv32 is the RTL implementation of that specification.



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