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As part of a broader project of a V-band phased-array based on the Metallic nanowire Membrane (MnM), a novel mm-wave interposer technology being developed at University of São Paulo, we propose a variable-gain power amplifier (VG-PA) based on a folded Gilbert cell amplifier. This circuit will realize the insertion loss compensation of the phase-shifters, which isn't proportional to the phase shift for our novel device and sidelobe suppression for the phased-array. Because of the novel nature of the devices employed in this project, we could benefit from an ASIC that can fulfill our design constraints and give us more flexibility.

Design goals

Maximum transducer gain: 15 dB
Gain tunability: >15 dB
Input and output impedance: 40 ohms
Center frequency: 62 GHz
Bandwidth: 23 %

Block diagram


Circuit core: folded Gilbert cell


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Team members
Leonardo Gomes - PhD candidate at University of São Paulo, Brazil and Communauté Université Grenoble-Alpes, France. Contact: leonardo.gomes@usp.br
João Lé - graduate student at University of São Paulo, Brazil. Contact: joao.le@usp.br
Walter Aranda - MsC candidate at University of São Paulo, Brazil. Contact:

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Leonardo Amorese Gallo Gomes


A variable-gain power amplifier to accomplish two specific tasks: compensate for the insertion losses of our novel phase-shifter and supress side-lobe emissions.



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