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Jan Gray

Jan Gray is the President of Gray Research LLC, Bellevue, WA, USA. Jan is a software architect and computer architect. Formerly a Partner Software Architect at Microsoft, Jan's developer tools and platforms products include Alice Pascal, Microsoft C/C++ 7.0, Visual C++ 1.0-4.0, Transaction Server 1.0, 2.0, COM+ Services, Common Language Runtime / Microsoft .NET performance engineering, and the MS Parallel Computing Platform (Visual Studio 2010). Blame Jan for .PDB files. Jan is also an expert in computing with FPGAs. He designed the first 32b FPGA RISC SOC (1995), first FPGA RISC multiprocessor (1999), first kilocore RISC-V, and first kilocore RV64I with HBM. Jan has over 60 patents granted in US, Europe, and Asia.

Soham Bhattacharya

As a PhD candidate in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rowan University, I am passionate about designing domain-specific customized hardware accelerators using Hardware Description Languages. I am currently a Graduate Research and Teaching Fellow, working on projects related to computer hardware architecture, digital design, and VLSI design. I have expertise in VHDL, VERILOG, and Scala, and experience with testing, debugging, simulating, and waveform analysis tools. I also have a strong background in computer architecture, SOC design, and reversible computing, and knowledge of C/C++ programming languages. Additionally, I have secured multiple grants from the National Science Foundation for conducting customer discovery interviews in the domain of scientific computing. I have also published several papers in international journals and received the Young Researcher Award in 2020. I am a team player, a leader, a mentor, and a public speaker, with skills in interviewing, collaborating, and empowering others.