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Rana Muhammad Shahid Jamil

An aspiring Analog/RF IC designer aiming to make a difference through existing knowledge and innovative ideas.

Deepak verma

I am a student pursuing MS(R) in Integrated circuits in Electrical Department IIT Delhi.

Muhammad Dawood Asghar

MS Electrical Engineering Fellow with a focus on Integrated Circuits and Systems Design. Skilled in Cadence (Virtuoso, Innovus and Genus)

Fahrettin Atik

Hi, I am Fahrettin Atik and ı am a license student at electric and electronic engineering at Karabuk University in Turkey. I am senior now. Generally ı am working on open source analog design project, specially my interest is about to designing Op Amps. Me and my team got third place in Analog Chip Design competition at Teknofest (A National and International Competition held every year in Turkey) I would like to working as a chip design engineer after graduation... That is me.