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Khalid Ali Eissa

Fresh grad electronics engineer and a beginner circuits designer who admires analog/RF IC design. Former intern at ADI© (Egypt) and recently a junior Analog IC designer at Si-Ware Systems (Egypt). My GP was a 5G Transceiver in the band 26.5GHz - 29.5GHz, I designed the upconversion mixer (core circuit, power combiner, LO driver).

Rana Muhammad Shahid Jamil

An aspiring Analog/RF IC designer aiming to make a difference through existing knowledge and innovative ideas.

hamza atiq

Im designated as a lab engineer at Fast NU Isl. My area of expertise is analog and Rf ic design.

Mohamed Elkhouly

I am a senior researcher at Nokia Bell Labs. I am specialized in the design of RFIC and mmWave IC.

Abbas Barwaniwala

Maters Student in Electronic Systems Design at IIT Bombay

Ahmed Sakr

I am interested in increasing my experience and knowledge, helping people especially students and young professionals. Making a positive impact in my surroundings is my main concern. ★ I received my B.Sc. in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Minia University, Egypt in 2013. ★ I received my M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Minia University in 2022. The thesis title was: Design of Programmable Multi-Standard RF-to-Digital Receiver for Wideband Wireless Applications. The work included: ⦿ Modeling PWM based Software-defined radios using Matlab ⦿ The design of a high-speed comparator using TSMC 65nm technology on Cadence Virtuoso EDA. ⦿ I have experience in analog/mixed signal design, modeling using Matlab and simulation using Cadence Virtuoso and ADS. ⦿ I have research experience and scientific writing skills. We published three papers in international conferences based on this thesis. ★ I am a full time EHV OHTLs and cables Projects Engineer in EETC. ★ I worked as an OHTL installation and maintenance Engineer in EETC for four years. I supervised over renewing and installing new OHTL besides the daily maintenance tasks.



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Matt Nichols

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