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Alex Tsamakos



Area of Expertise

Circuits: Sensors

Takehisa Konda

semi retired, small startup for Medical (oncology/treatment) system, analog circuit designer, College Lecturer, Surfer&moto Rider.

Murat Ozbas

Analog systems and circuit design engineer with extensive product development and applications experience with a strong focus on end markets. Proven ability to work closely with a diverse set of customers and clients to properly specify the requirements of a mixed-signal ASIC. Ability to manage product development from foundry selection through design, tape-out, and mass-production.

Hiroshi Heinai

I am a professional hardware engineer. I have experience in the development and design of radio equipment and IoT devices. I only have textbook-level knowledge about the contents of semiconductors, so I wanted to have the experience of actually developing them. This project is very interesting. thank you.

Amr Walid

Experienced Mixed Signal Design Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the semiconductors industry. Skilled in Data Conversion, Analog Circuit Design, CMOS and Mixed Signal. Strong engineering professional with a Master's degree focused in Electronics Engineering from Ain Shams University.

Chris Burgess

Hobbyist maker interested in general electronics, with experience designing and fabricating custom circuit boards. https://tindie.com/stores/cburgess129

Vishal Prafulkumar Katigar

Trained in ASIC verification from Maven silicon Bengaluru Also having experience in embedded domain (PCB layout design)

Marco Merlin

Electronics Engineer with 10 years experience in microelectronics and research. Familiar with CMOS integrated circuits design, wireless communication systems, programming and lab environment, I am comfortable working for worldwide semiconductors firms. Passionate for high-tech and music, advocate for teamwork and collective intelligence to support a strong problem-solving methodology, I am curious, self-motivated, addicted to learning and re-shaping the new technologies I am exposed to. During my workday I aspire to address "real-life problems", hopefully continuing to develop my multi-disciplinary skills as a means for technical and personal enrichment.

Saul Rodriguez

I am Assistant Professor in Bio-Electronics. My research interests include analog mixed-signal ICs for medical applications, RFIC, and ultra-low power circuits.


I'm an engineer with experience in analog IC design both in private companies as well as academia. Experienced in design of delay locked loop(DLL), clock recovery, field detectors, voltage limiters, operational amplifiers, current mirrors, bandgap reference and so on.

David Garner

An experienced mixed-signal IC design engineer / design manager with over 25 years experience. Has design and led the design of multiple mixed-signal ICs through to tapeout and silicon verification. Also experienced with the delivery of IP blocks. Worked across multiple market sectors.

Hervé Pierre

Research engineer and teaching assistant in microelectronic, microsystems and bioelectronic at the university of Liège, Belgium

Shahbaz Abbasi

Design engineer with combined R&D and industrial experience in developing analog/mixed signal ICs for applications including inductive position sensors and imager readouts. Proven abilities with widely used blocks including (but not limited to) filter, amplifier, ADC, DAC, voltage regulators, bandgap reference, ring/LC oscillator, comparator and custom digital logic circuitry. Experience with full tape-out flow including schematic design, analog/mixed-signal simulations, floor planning, layout, system-level verification and chip measurements. Strong familiarity with industry standard tools and instruments used for design, verification and testing such as Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor Graphics, and Keysight. Frontend digital hardware design (ASIC/FPGA) experience using Verilog HDL. Considerable exposure to ASIC backend flow (synthesis and PnR) using Synopsys Design Compiler and Cadence Innovus. Skilled with programming platforms such as MATLAB, C++, C#, Perl, UNIX Shell and VB. Strong education with Ph.D. and MSc. degrees in Electronics Engineering along with several peer-reviewed articles in IEEE journals.

João Silva

PhD Student Research on Integrated Sensor Interfacing Systems featuring signal conditioning and A/D conversion. Functional blocks developed: VGA, current-steering DAC, SAR ADC, AA Filters, SPI master/slave.

Nishit Nathwani

I am a Master's student who has to know for learning and do experiments as well as for writing technical blogger. My website links are given below to connect with my open-source family of the VLSI champions. https://nishitnathwani.blogspot.com/ https://geniusvlsi.blogspot.com/

POEM Technology, LLC

POEM Technology is a vertically integrated IoT company that develops cellular-connected sensor systems.


Eagle CAD

Area of Expertise

Circuits: Sensors

Ioannis Savidis

I am an Associate Professor teaching VLSI design, hardware security, and digital circuit design at Drexel University. My research interests include analysis, modeling, and design methodologies for high performance digital and mixed-signal integrated circuits, power management for SoC and microprocessor circuits, hardware security, including digital and analog obfuscation and Trojan detection, and electric and thermal modeling and characterization, signal and power integrity, and power and clock delivery for heterogeneous 2-D and 3-D circuits.

Eric Drumond

Electrical Engineer and MSc. Student for Microelectronics

Aastha Dave

Undergraduate in ECE & Economics at BITS Pilani, India. An enthusiast in IC Design, VLSI and Physical Design.

Andrew Jones

My name is Andrew Jones and I recently graduated from Erie Community college with a certificate in the mechatronics field.


Electric CAD

Area of Expertise

Circuits: Sensors

Jacob Kon



Area of Expertise

Circuits: Sensors

Andreas G. Andreou

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Johns Hopkins University

J Dhurga Devi

My area of interest is Analog and Mixed signal circuit design. I teach Electronic Circuit, VLSI design and Signals & Systems for under graduate students and Analog Integrated Circuit Design, Data Converters and Clock & power management circuit courses for Masters students. I also teach VLSI lab courses for both both undergraduate and masters students. Every year I supervise both undergraduate and masters students in analog circuit design projects. Presently I am involved in SRC project as Co-task leader in Analog and Mixed Signal circuit verification project using Machine learning techniques.

Luke Beno

Previously Applications Engineer at Triad Semiconductor. Worked on ASICs in the Consumer, Medical and Automotive space. Hardware design background. Proficent in Firmware and FPGA. Passion for applications engineering and semiconductor product definition.

Carlos German Carreño Romano

I'm currently working as an Optics Design Engineer for Biotech applications. My main interests are (Micro/Opto)Electronics, Optics and Photonics, Data Science and Embedded Systems.

João Vitor Testi Ferreira

Electronic Engineer from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil). Master in Electrical Engineering from UFSC (thesis title: CMOS Ultra-Low-Voltage Ring Oscillators). Interested in the areas of Sensors, Ultra-Low Power Circuits and MOS modeling.


Hey! My name is Beyza and I'm an Electrical & Electronical Engineering student in Turkey. My aim is to bring together the knowledge I've gained about science and technology with other people. The more we learn and the more we develop, the better a mark we leave in the world of science. I'm constantly improving myself for a better future, and I am trying to gain as much information as possible.

Ramakrishna P.V.

I have been a Professor in The Dept. of Electronics and Communication, College of Engineering, Guindy (CEG), Anna University, Chennai, India and I have retired last year after being on the faculty of this University for twenty eight years. I continue to teach courses as a Guest Faculty in the same Dept. at CEG, Anna University in the areas of Analog, Mixed Signal, RF and Communication Systems and IC Design. I have supervised student teams in building Small Satellites (Avionics subsystems) and also CMOS IC Designs. I have also supervised Masters and Doctoral thesis in the areas of GPS (baseband), uP Clock PLLs and CDRs, RF LNAs, and resonant sensors.

Mahaboobbatcha Aleem

I'm a postdoctoral researcher focusing on the development of a high-sensitivity MEMS/NEMS-based sensor device for gas and biosensor applications. For device fabrication, I have experience with lithography techniques such as E-beam, mask/mask-less UV, and imprint for solar cell and sensor applications. I have extensive clean room (Class 10,000, 1,000, and 100) expertise with PVD, ICP-CVD/RIE, and lithography-based tools, as well as a strong instrumentation background. My doctoral focused on Advanced Micro-Patterned, Narrow Finger Width Front Contact Metallization Schemes for Silicon Solar Cells. I have extensive experience in the fabrication and characterization of silicon and thin-film solar cells, as well as in-house tool development. I designed and built four pilot scale machines. As an interdisciplinary researcher, I've also worked on the development of chemi-resistive type gas sensor devices based on metal oxides, thin films, and other materials. Defect engineered metal oxides and their surface structural improvements in surface reactive sensing platforms for flexible, temperature-independent, and low-power MEMS gas sensors were the focus of the research.

Rajkumar Kubendran

Assistant Professor. ECE. University of Pittsburgh. Interests: Neuromorphic and Biomedical Systems Design


I am a student in my final year of B.tech in electronics. I am eager to learn about vlsi and its technology. I want to take part in openMPW program

Camilo Velez Cuervo

Assistant Professor at the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department. The Henry Samueli School of Engineering. University of California, Irvine.

ruud bouten

CTO admesy


Electric CAD

Area of Expertise

Circuits: Sensors


Analog design engineer with 3+ years of experience in the analog/ mixed signal design, verification and lab validation.

Julio Vargas Riano

I am interested in Robotics and Bioengineering. A holistic approach can lead to developing optimal systems. The co-design of cyber-physical systems must take into account the biological and mechanical models, hardware, and software. I search for the application of mathematical representation of models by algebraic geometry, topology, and energy fields. The study of mathematical concepts can lead to hardware and software design that solve complex dynamical systems.

Prof. Dr. Herman Jalli Ng

Professor for electronic circuits at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences in Germany since 2020. I received the Dipl.-Ing.(FH) degree from the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, Germany in 2005, and the Ph.D. degree in mechatronics from Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria, in 2014. From 2005 to 2009, I worked as an IC designer at Bosch GmbH in Reutlingen. From 2009 to 2015, I was a research assistant at Johannes Kepler University Linz. In 2015, I headed the mm-wave wireless research group at IHP Microelectronics. I have authored and coauthored more than 100 journal and conference articles. I received the 2018 VDE ITG-Prize and the 2019 APMC best paper award for his outstanding works on integrated mm-wave radar transceivers in SiGe BiCMOS technologies.

Hon-Piu Lam

Hon-Piu Lam, is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). He was an analog IC designer engineer in Valence Semiconductor from 2004 to 2007. From 2007 to 2015, he joined Fujitsu Semiconductor focusing on the embedded NOR flash design. He has been a researcher in HKUST focusing on the integrated power electronic and data converter. His research interests include readout electronics, integrated power electronics and radiation hardened electronics for experimental physics.

Keoni Gandall

I am a synthetic biologist and software engineer interested in chip design.

Mizuki Mori

A student of Keio Univ in Japan, interested in analog circuits rather than digital ones.

Dr D Gracia Nirmala Rani , Associate Professor, Thiagarajar College of Engineering

D Gracia Nirmala Rani received the B.E. degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Syed Ammal Engg College, Madurai, India, in 2004, and M.E. degree in VLSI Design from Karunya University, Coimbatore, India in 2007. She has awarded Ph.D. degree in VLSI Design from Anna University, Chennai India in 2014. She is working as an Associate Professor in Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai since 2007. She teaches courses on system/digital and analog electronic design and VLSI processor architectures. Currently, five research scholars are doing their research under her guidance. She has authored or co-authored 42 international journal and conference papers like IET Circuits, Systems and Devices, Spinger, Wiley and Elsevier Publications. Also she has published 3 Books/Book Chapter in Springer LNCS and CCIS Publications. She has filed 2 Patent in BioMedical Engineering Field. She has guided the B.E students’ project which won the India Cadence Design Contest Award 2017 and 2018 instituted by Cadence Design System Pvt Ltd, Bangalore. In 2018, she was the technical program chair of the 22nd International Symposium on VLSI Design and Test. She is serving as a reviewer in IEEE Transaction on Nanotechnology, Elsevier and Inderscience Journals, respectively. Her research interests include RFIC Design, Physical Design Automation, Optimization Algorithms using Machine learning for IC and mixed signal circuits and systems for Bio-medical Devices.

Andalib Nizam

I am a Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Tennessee Knoxville, pursuing the PhD degree in Mixed-Signal Analog Circuit design.

Klaus Strohmayer

Independent Digital Design and Verification Expert with more than 20+ years of experience and founder of semify. While working for established semiconductor companies like Infineon, Dialog Semiconductor and NXP I was responsible for bringing ideas into working ASICs. I developed USound’s first ASIC from FPGA based prototyping to tapeout with minimal resourcing, demanding timeline and tight area and power consumption constraints. Currently I'm acting as a consultant for easyIC and Cypress / Infineon. In addition I'm is also lecturer at the FH Joanneum Graz and guest lecturer at the Technical University Graz.

Francisco Brito Filho

Electronic Engineer with experience in RF/AMS IC Design and other electronics and telecommunications projects. Served in working groups and also as leader. Has also experience in entrepreneurship. PhD in Microelectronics. Currently Adjunct Professor at Federal University of Semi-Árid Region - UFERSA and Head of LIEB/LAMERF Research Labs where develop R&D projects in the areas of instrumentation, biomedical engineering, RF/MW circuits and microelectronics.

Malcolm Smith

IC designer with more than 25 years post Ph.D. experience. Specialising in RF, RFIC, analog and mixed-signal. Wide experience in Architecture, system and circuit design. RF front-end module design for cellular with CMOS PA. Over 40 patents issued.

Minhyuk Sung (Liam)

Hello. I am Liam and Analog enginner in South Korea. I want to participate this great opputinity and share my design to other people.

Steven Herbst

I'm a PhD student working to make mixed-signal chip design more accessible, drawing inspiration from software development techniques. Prior to starting the PhD program, I spent a number of years working in industry at both the chip- and PCB-level on optical sensors and power systems.

Israa Yousuf Abu Shawish

Israa Y. I. AbuShawish received the B. Sc degree in electrical and electronics engineering in 2018/2019 (Hons.). She joined the M.Sc. in electrical and electronics engineering from the University of Sharjah in 2019 and in September 2022 she received the degree. She has been working as a teacher assistant with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Sharjah, UAE since 2019. Currently, she worked as a researcher with the research group: Mixed Analog-Digital Smart Electronic Circuits and Systems (MADSECS) in University of Sharjah, which is one of the specialized Research Groups affiliated to the Research Institute for Sciences and Engineering. Her master’s thesis involves the design of low-frequency amplifiers based on highly linear pseudo-resistor and using programmable Analog Building Blocks, such as CMOS rail-to-rail operational amplifiers and Digital programmable operational transconductance amplifiers. She has published several research papers in international conferences and Journals. Her research interests include mixed analog digital IC design, Bio-medical amplifiers and operational amplifier circuit design. Currently she is pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering, at United Arab Emirates University (UAEU).

Vineel Jessy Talluri

Analog Design and Layout engineer, had knowledge and hands-on in RTL Design

Vladimir Savić

Software engineer, reverse software engineering, hardware design (have started with startup zilsel-invent.com)

Estevao Coelho Teixeira

I am a professor at Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF). I'm interested on analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits, as well as analog and digital electronics and microprocessors.