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Shahbaaz Lokhandwala

An independent and self-motivated fpga engineer with many product and service based project in semiconductor and cryptography market. More than three years of experience in the crypto mining market. Involved in product design/development, management.

Bob Ledzius

35 years mixed signal SoC, ASIC, and FPGA design and management experience. Concertal provides rapid functional IP integration using proprietary System Design Automation technology that includes delivery of RTOS capable fabric that supports loosely coupled HW operation including IP NbC (Network beyond the Chip). IP areas of expertise include common interfaces, data converters, modulators, digital filters, DSP, processors, FSM, and other custom specified functionality.

Guy Hutchison

ASIC Designer and entrepreneur

Hervé Pierre

Research engineer and teaching assistant in microelectronic, microsystems and bioelectronic at the university of Liège, Belgium


Hey! My name is Beyza and I'm an Electrical & Electronical Engineering student in Turkey. My aim is to bring together the knowledge I've gained about science and technology with other people. The more we learn and the more we develop, the better a mark we leave in the world of science. I'm constantly improving myself for a better future, and I am trying to gain as much information as possible.


Received B.S. degree from Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Middle East Technical University, Turkey, in 2019. Currently, pursuing M.S. degree from Electronics Engineering in Bogazici University, Turkey. Research interests are computer architecture, hardware security and secure memory architecture

Shumpei Kawasaki

I started out as a part of design team at Hitachi Ltd. which designed 68450 a DMA controller for 68000 under the supervision of Motorola Semiconductors now NXP. Sega bought 68000 for Mega Drive. This led to the sale of SH-2 for Sega Saturn and SH-4 chipset for Sega Dreamcast. I was hoping Dreamcast to use Voodoo chip but this did not materialize. Around 2001 I quitted Hitachi. I started to work for its sales company in silicon valley. There I strated Java Card (tm) project. This led to a series of root of trust projects in Silicon Valley in routers, mobile phones and security tokens in year 2000s. In 2010s I started my current business.


Innovative developer with recognized success at designing, testing, implementing and maintaining computer hardware and software. Critical thinking and forward-focused professional coding in various programming languages. Delivers clear and engaging communications to colleagues and customers and inspires enthusiasm for engineered products and systems.

Peter Schmidt-Nielsen

Working on ML performance, cryptography, and other interests. Website at https://peter.website/

Jean Cyr

Retired 20 year Broadcom veteran. Advanced hobbyist,

Kaya Demir

I am a researcher on random number generators

Alex Novickis

A bit of everything - mostly focused on networking system level designs / FPGA / Switch Fabric from concept to validation - and now automotive

Stephen Hellriegel

EE PCB, Systems, Mechnical, Cooling, Power Used to sling a lot of gates (polygons) in esoteric processes (Gallium Arsenide, JJ)

Berna Ors Yalcin

Berna Örs Yalçın received the Electronics & Communication Engineering degree and the MSc degree in 1995 and 1998, respectively, both from the Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Turkey. She received the Electrical Engineering degree in applied sciences from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium, in 2005. Currently, she is a Professor at ITU. Her main research interests include cryptography, embedded systems, and side-channel attacks.

Abdul wahab

Experienced in software engineering and offensive cybersecurity, I specialize in wireless networking security, cellular communication security, and cryptanalysis. Proficient in C, C++, and Python, I excel in scripting and automation. Currently delving into embedded system design, focusing on FPGA and ASIC.

Lance J Lueloff

From Mining Gems in the field to mining data about gems and developing bleeding edge Gemological/Geological/Geophysical/Geochemical/Geospatial/Spectroscopic and other Survey, Testing, Measuring, Databasing, Retrieval, and Analytical Devices/Software/Tradecraft as well as beyond crystal unit level precision automated faceting/cutting/polishing/cabbing/carving/lapidary instruments and even 500 picometer diameter diamond polish... I do it all. Anyone in the industry wanting to spice up and drastically increase the efficiency and ROI on their wafer lapping/polishing capabilities: help me...help you...get ahead of the EUV/DUV/3nm and finer processes (my system has an RI value of less than 500pm... THAT is smaller than 8 carbon atoms in a cubic formation...carbon...not silicon...