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Semiconductor professional with 40 years experience. I act as a technical consultant, design consultant, or architect for SoCs, embedded systems etc.

David Garner

An experienced mixed-signal IC design engineer / design manager with over 25 years experience. Has design and led the design of multiple mixed-signal ICs through to tapeout and silicon verification. Also experienced with the delivery of IP blocks. Worked across multiple market sectors.

Nathan McCorkle

EDA software engineer working on silicon CAD for Intel during the day. I've got DNA synthesis on the brain, and have been learning how to integrate micro/nano fluidics with active electronics to achieve a wholly automated "genetic compiler". Building a nano fab in my home workshop.

Bharathi M

working as Assistant Professor in Sree Vidyanikethan engineering college, Tirupati.

Mark Anderson

Current iOS Programmer, EE with decade of physical design experience in mixed signal - worked on POWER architecture PLLS.

Carlos German Carreño Romano

I'm currently working as an Optics Design Engineer for Biotech applications. My main interests are (Micro/Opto)Electronics, Optics and Photonics, Data Science and Embedded Systems.

João Vitor Testi Ferreira

Electronic Engineer from the Federal University of Santa Catarina (Brazil). Master in Electrical Engineering from UFSC (thesis title: CMOS Ultra-Low-Voltage Ring Oscillators). Interested in the areas of Sensors, Ultra-Low Power Circuits and MOS modeling.

Mahaboobbatcha Aleem

I'm a postdoctoral researcher focusing on the development of a high-sensitivity MEMS/NEMS-based sensor device for gas and biosensor applications. For device fabrication, I have experience with lithography techniques such as E-beam, mask/mask-less UV, and imprint for solar cell and sensor applications. I have extensive clean room (Class 10,000, 1,000, and 100) expertise with PVD, ICP-CVD/RIE, and lithography-based tools, as well as a strong instrumentation background. My doctoral focused on Advanced Micro-Patterned, Narrow Finger Width Front Contact Metallization Schemes for Silicon Solar Cells. I have extensive experience in the fabrication and characterization of silicon and thin-film solar cells, as well as in-house tool development. I designed and built four pilot scale machines. As an interdisciplinary researcher, I've also worked on the development of chemi-resistive type gas sensor devices based on metal oxides, thin films, and other materials. Defect engineered metal oxides and their surface structural improvements in surface reactive sensing platforms for flexible, temperature-independent, and low-power MEMS gas sensors were the focus of the research.

Suchitav Khadanga

Analog and rfic design professional working since 1997 , Mainly products on wireless ic design, development and testing. mobile, bluetooth, wlan, uwb, rfid , zigbee chips. blocks receiver, transmitter, pll, ldo, mixer, lna, pa, switch , pmic,

Daniel Pacheco

I like to work with Lua and C as well Power ISA is my go to architecture.

Amudhan Balasubramanian

Over 25+ years of experience Silicon Engineer with focus on taking a Silicon from GDS2 to PRQ. Involved in Wafersort testing, Packaging, Packaging Testing, Silicon Characterisation - Electrical & Functional, Package Qualification, Reliablity testing and Yield management

Gangadhar Yedida

I am studying Electronics and communication engineering (Integrated MTech) in International institute of information technology, Bangalore . I want to get access to tools for course project .



Area of Expertise

System: Fabrication Process

Pratika Tripathi

I am Pratika Tripathi. I am in my final year of Btech. I am very interested in physical designing of IC. I had even taken 3 courses of kunal ghosh sir on physical design, stay, and cts. I am doing my final year project in physical design.

Charlie Smith

Working on a PhD in electronics and nanofabrication at the University of Glasgow. Interested in designing CPUs and SoCs with RISC-V.

Patrick Degenaar

I am a professor of Neuroprosthetics at Newcastle University. My primary interest is in developing implantable medical devices to treat neurological conditions.

Peter Bermel

DR. PETER BERMEL is an associate professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University. He is the PI for the SCALE project, which aims to perform workforce development in microelectronics. His research focuses on improving the performance of photovoltaic, thermophotovoltaic, and microelectronic systems using the principles of nanophotonics. Key enabling techniques for his work include electromagnetic and electronic theory, modeling, simulation, fabrication, and characterization.

Veeresh Deshpande

I am Associate Professor in Department of Electrical Engineering at IIT Bombay, India. My interests are embedded non-volatile memory based systems for edge AI

Klavs Rommedahl

Graduated as electronic engineer in '93. Think it could be nice and fun to try out this part of the electronic life/world :). I have worked a lot with digital designs over the years, everything from small LED controllers to larger computer boards. And then I am a PCB geek.