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Mohamed Kassem

We are building a community of OSHW Product Creators. Our focused mission is to simplify the process of smart product creation and making it available to everyone. We believe in Open Source Hardware as the foundation for addressing the massive and divergent forms and features of the new connected world.

Eric Hawkins

Manager of Universal Avionics System Corporation(UASC) PLD design group. This group is tasked with designing, implementing and approving, in accordance with RTCA/DO-254 guidance, all ASIC/FPGA used in the Universal Avionics product line.

Saravanan Nanthakumar

I am a Master Degree holder in VLSI Design. I am interested in Analog Circuit Design.

Milind Gupta

I am an Analog IC Designer by profession. I have loved and done circuit design from my high school days in India. I love developing new challenging circuits and seeing them work in real applications.

Jason Morris



Area of Expertise

Academic: Student


I'm an engineer with experience in analog IC design both in private companies as well as academia. Experienced in design of delay locked loop(DLL), clock recovery, field detectors, voltage limiters, operational amplifiers, current mirrors, bandgap reference and so on.

Shahbaz Abbasi

Design engineer with combined R&D and industrial experience in developing analog/mixed signal ICs for applications including inductive position sensors and imager readouts. Proven abilities with widely used blocks including (but not limited to) filter, amplifier, ADC, DAC, voltage regulators, bandgap reference, ring/LC oscillator, comparator and custom digital logic circuitry. Experience with full tape-out flow including schematic design, analog/mixed-signal simulations, floor planning, layout, system-level verification and chip measurements. Strong familiarity with industry standard tools and instruments used for design, verification and testing such as Cadence, Synopsys, Mentor Graphics, and Keysight. Frontend digital hardware design (ASIC/FPGA) experience using Verilog HDL. Considerable exposure to ASIC backend flow (synthesis and PnR) using Synopsys Design Compiler and Cadence Innovus. Skilled with programming platforms such as MATLAB, C++, C#, Perl, UNIX Shell and VB. Strong education with Ph.D. and MSc. degrees in Electronics Engineering along with several peer-reviewed articles in IEEE journals.

Diya Soni

i am final year student,currently pursing my electronics and communication degree at dharmsinh desai university



Area of Expertise

Academic: Student

Shrihari G

Driven by my zeal for innovation and technology, I am a passionate VLSI Design Engineer and an open-source enthusiast emphasizing freedom to chip design. Eager to tackle unsolved problems, I strive to make a large imprint on innovation one step at a time.


I would like to think I am a safety-focused, results-driven, and professional Electronics & Communication Engineer and M Tech in Electronics & Communication Engineering with specialization in VLSI Design, who can be relied upon to carry out my tasks competently within strict rules and procedures in a fast and efficient manner.

Javier Contreras

Electrical Engineering senior student at the PUC Chile


Juan Camilo Castellanos received in 2009 his B.S. degree in electronic engineering from National University of Colombia in Bogota, Colombia. In 2011, he received the M.S. degree in electrical engineering from State University of Campinas, Brazil. Later, he enrolled in the Brazilian IC design programme, called CI-Brasil. In 2013, he was analogue and mixed signal designer in the non-volatile memory group at Freescale Semiconductors (Now NXP) in Brazil. He received the Ph.D. degree from Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands in 2018. He was lecturer in the Informatics Department at State University of Ponta Grossa in Brazil. In 2019, he was professor at the department of mobility engineering at Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), Brazil. Since 2020, he joined as professor at the Department of Electrotechnics at Federal University of Technology - Paraná/Brazil (UTFPR). His research interest includes embedded systems (IoT, smart sensors, sensor fusion, DSPs, microcontrollers, FPGAs) and analogue and mixed-signal integrated circuits for power management (DC-DC converters, charge pumps, LED drivers and current/voltage monitors, energy harvesting).

Shuchirath Gowda. R

I am extremely dedicated individual looking for an opportunity to learn and explore new ways to implement the latest technology. My dream is to join a core company and work on on-site projects. I believe my skills and hunger to learn will turn me into an important asset to the company. Thank you

Julio Vargas Riano

I am interested in Robotics and Bioengineering. A holistic approach can lead to developing optimal systems. The co-design of cyber-physical systems must take into account the biological and mechanical models, hardware, and software. I search for the application of mathematical representation of models by algebraic geometry, topology, and energy fields. The study of mathematical concepts can lead to hardware and software design that solve complex dynamical systems.

Bertrand PIGEARD

Hello, I'm an IC Designer Analog/RF with digital skills. I worked mainly on PLL for mobile tranceivers. I used to work on Cadence Design flow for 20 years.

Tapas Kumar Maiti

Dr Tapas Kumar Maiti, a former associate professor at Hiroshima University Japan, moved to DA-IICT India where he is a faculty member, since June 2019. He was a visiting faculty to IIEST-Shibpur. He has amazing research experience at McMaster University, Canada and IIT-Kharagpur. He has published more than 100 papers in reputed journals and conferences, and also co-authored a book. He received ICMM Excellent Presentation Award, IAAM Scientist Medal, and University Gold Medal. He is a member of IEEE, and Life Member of IEI. Currently, he is working in the areas of Intelligent Computing Devices, Robotics, and Cybernetics.


I am currently a postgraduate student at the University of Calcutta and graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronics, which will broaden my aptitude in numerous aspects. The curriculum is designed for proficiency in problem-solving techniques, organizational skills, and other mechanics that will help me to execute solutions. Which gives me the opportunity to explore in-depth learning experiences in various technology. I am interested in astrophysics, radio astronomy, solar physics, and other space and atmospheric research, also in semiconductor physics and VlSI technology.

Sunil Ramanlal Parmar

My name is Sunil Parmar, I have done a master from IIT-Bombay in 2005 and a bachelors from Gujarat University in 2003. After post-graduation, I joined a service company in Hyderabad and later worked with Intel Bangalore. I have worked with the Samsung R&D center in South Korea for Silicon photonics applications and later contributed in Samsung's DDR4 memory IO design. As an employee, I have published few patents and papers. In 2016, I returned to India with a very ambitious goal to set up a semiconductor product company called Powency Circuit Private Limited in the power management domain. In between, After Covid, I decided to develop a MEMS Microphone product and started a project called Sikern. We are currently a small team having three design engineers, one packaging expert and one management staff. We are working with a Japanese supplier and a Malaysian packaging group for our product development. And developing our own ASIC for this MEMS microphone. We started working with a smartphone customer in India for their upcoming mobile model. And hope to work with many more customers within India as well across the globe for our Microphone product.  

Jerome Helffrich

Quantum mechanic

Daniel Amor Martin

Innovation manager

Area of Expertise

Business: Management