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IP & SoC Verification Engineer

Y.Goutham Datta


Area of Expertise

Digital: RTL

Husni Mahdi

System Architect Design Engineer

Anurag Darbari

SubIP and SoC Design Verification Engineer. Extends to running Full Chip Emulation on Palladium and Protium Platforms.

Zain Rizwan Khan

Research Associate at Micro Electronics Research Lab (MERL) working as a hardware design engineer.

Jair Garcia Lamont

Designer specialized on VLSI radiation tolerant architectures and circuits

Manuel Muro

Known since I was 12 years old that I wanted to be an electrical engineer, by the time I was like 14 or 16 years I knew that I specifically wanted to design microprocessors. I officially became an electrical engineer by graduating with a B.S.E.E. along with a minor in Business from N.C. State University. With more than 30 years of industry experience, I look forward to bringing some of my own original ideas and visions into reality and I am very much tapped in the entrepreneurial spirit while also be an advocate for Open Source projects, both Software and hardware based, along with being a super advocate for the Agile movement for all engineering disciplines, i.e. beyond it just being a thing software folks do!


verification engineer

Area of Expertise

Digital: Verification

Deepak B

I'm an ASIC Design Engineer with a focus on SoC verification. With over three years of experience in the field, I have had the privilege of successfully completing and taping out three projects. My expertise lies in ensuring the functionality and performance of complex System-on-Chip designs through thorough verification methodologies. Throughout my career, I have gained a deep understanding of the entire design flow, from specification and architectural exploration to RTL coding and verification. I am proficient in industry-standard verification languages and methodologies, such as SystemVerilog and UVM.

Ramesh Fernando

I'm a PhD student focusing on the Edge AI accelerators and Neuromorphic computing at Edge AI Acceleration Lab, Singapore University of Technology and Design

Area of Expertise

Academic: Research

Mohd Rizwan

I am very dedicated to learn new things.

Area of Expertise

Digital: RTL


I am a recent graduate with a Major in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and a minor in computer engineering.

Hemaprasad Kothainambi

Design Verification Engineer with a keen sense of interest in Computer Architecture and RTL Design