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Manuel Muro

Known since I was 12 years old that I wanted to be an electrical engineer, by the time I was like 14 or 16 years I knew that I specifically wanted to design microprocessors. I officially became an electrical engineer by graduating with a B.S.E.E. along with a minor in Business from N.C. State University. With more than 30 years of industry experience, I look forward to bringing some of my own original ideas and visions into reality and I am very much tapped in the entrepreneurial spirit while also be an advocate for Open Source projects, both Software and hardware based, along with being a super advocate for the Agile movement for all engineering disciplines, i.e. beyond it just being a thing software folks do!

ALI Shan

Electrical Engineer with five years of expertise in FPGA Design and Embedded Systems, cultivated through roles at prestigious organizations like RapidSilicon, Pakistan Air Force, and NRTC. Proficient in RTL design, verification, and protocol implementation. Experienced in scripting, simulation tools, and FPGA technologies. Seeking dynamic career opportunities to further enhance complex digital design systems and contribute to semiconductor innovation.