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Alperen Bolat

I am research asistant at TOBB Economy and Technology University

Area of Expertise

Digital: RTL

Wouter van Verre

Electronics engineer in the UK

Marc C.

Area of Expertise

Digital: RTL

Justin Coughlin



Area of Expertise

Digital: RTL

Gopala Krishna Reddy Sanampudi

Student at international institute of information technology, Bangalore.

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Academic: Student

Rishabh Verma

Looking for an internship opportunity in VLSI or the semiconductor industry. Hey, Welcome to my page I'm Rishabh Verma, a pre-final ECE undergrad, who has a keen interest in the VLSI domain. I love to design and simulate circuits. Till now I have participated in two circuit design hackathons. One of them was "Mixed-signal Circuit Design and Simulation Marathon Using eSim" organized by FOSSEE Team IIT Bombay, in which my design was ranked under the "Outstanding" category with a cash prize of INR 10,000. I have hands-on experience with the simulation tools like Synopsys Custom Compiler, eSim, Vivado, Pspice, and LTspice. I have also done layout designing and parasitic extraction of some basic logic functions using the ELECTRIC VLSI system design tool. Done DRC and LVS. I'm also familiar with the FPGA flow. In my 3rd year, I have done the implementation of a Robotic Arm controller using the FPGA. Verilog HDL was used to code the algorithm. Currently, I'm working on the " AQI estimation " using Image processing on FPGA. You can check my projects on my Github, the link is provided in my resume or in the website section of my profile. Feel free! to reach out to me if you are doing some cool stuff on FPGA or something related to VLSI and Circuit design.

Prof Alexsandro Bonatto

Professor at IFRS Campus Restinga

Alok Parmar



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Pratika Tripathi

I am Pratika Tripathi. I am in my final year of Btech. I am very interested in physical designing of IC. I had even taken 3 courses of kunal ghosh sir on physical design, stay, and cts. I am doing my final year project in physical design.

Filip Gembec

Hello everybody! I am a FPGA developer in Croatia, I do FPGA project and am starting ASIC design as another careere choice.

Manuel Muro

Known since I was 12 years old that I wanted to be an electrical engineer, by the time I was like 14 or 16 years I knew that I specifically wanted to design microprocessors. I officially became an electrical engineer by graduating with a B.S.E.E. along with a minor in Business from N.C. State University. With more than 30 years of industry experience, I look forward to bringing some of my own original ideas and visions into reality and I am very much tapped in the entrepreneurial spirit while also be an advocate for Open Source projects, both Software and hardware based, along with being a super advocate for the Agile movement for all engineering disciplines, i.e. beyond it just being a thing software folks do!

Victor Asanza (vasanza)

Víctor Asanza, Ph.D. (EL Oro - Ecuador, 1986). Researcher in fields like Digital Systems Design based on FPGA, Open-Source Processor, Open-Source Hardware, Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence and Human-Machine Interaction with a major research interest in Brain-Computer Interface. He was graduated as Electronic and Telecommunications Engineering on 2010 (ESPOL, Ecuador). He was graduated as Master in Automation and Industrial Control on 2013 and was graduated as Ph.D. in Applied Computer Science on 2022 (ESPOL, Ecuador). Currently, he collaborates as a Senior Researcher since June 6th, 2019, in the Smart Data Analysis Systems Group (SDAS GROUP). He performs research activities mainly within the framework of the research programs on intelligent embedded systems, open-source RISC-V processor, open-source hardware, FPGA, and Human-Machine Interaction.

Saad Gillani

My name is Syed Muhammad Saad Ahmed Shah, and I am an ambitious student pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering at NUST (National University of Sciences and Technology), specializing in chip designing and digital system design. I am writing to express my sincere interest in contributing my skills and passion for chip designing to your esteemed company. Academic Background: During my academic journey, I have excelled in various courses that form the foundation of integrated circuit design. My coursework includes advanced topics in digital logic design, microelectronics, VLSI, and FPGA programming. I have gained hands-on experience in Verilog programming and have successfully implemented FPGA-based projects, including dynamic positioning of wind power platforms and ball and beam control systems. Passion for Chip Designing: My interest in chip designing stems from its potential to revolutionize technology and create innovative solutions that positively impact society. The idea of crafting complex electronic systems from scratch and optimizing their performance intrigues me. I am eager to explore the world of ASIC and FPGA design, as I believe it aligns perfectly with my passion for creating cutting-edge semiconductor devices. Skills and Attributes: Apart from my technical skills, I possess strong analytical and problem-solving abilities. My adaptability and eagerness to learn allow me to tackle new challenges with determination. I value teamwork and collaboration, and I thrive in environments where ideas are shared and cultivated collectively. Future Goals: As I move forward in my academic journey, my goal is to be at the forefront of chip designing and contribute to the development of advanced technologies. I see myself as a part of a dynamic team, working on groundbreaking projects that shape the future of the semiconductor industry.

Belkacem BENADDA

I'm an Electronics Professor at the University of Tlemcen

Area of Expertise

Academic: Research

ALI Shan

Electrical Engineer with five years of expertise in FPGA Design and Embedded Systems, cultivated through roles at prestigious organizations like RapidSilicon, Pakistan Air Force, and NRTC. Proficient in RTL design, verification, and protocol implementation. Experienced in scripting, simulation tools, and FPGA technologies. Seeking dynamic career opportunities to further enhance complex digital design systems and contribute to semiconductor innovation.