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Rama Kotapally

I have 20 years of experience in Circuit Design, Physical Design, RTL.

Christian Duffee

Electrical Engineering PhD student at Northwestern studying Spintronics and Probabilistic Computing.

Daniel Santos

Electrical engineering student


Python VHDL

Area of Expertise

Academic: Student

Priya Charles

holding a Doctorate in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, with a robust background in research and innovation. Throughout my academic and professional journey, I have successfully completed four significant research proposals, contributing to over 60 publications in esteemed journals and conferences within the field. My dedication to advancing technology and fostering innovation led to the granting of a patent, underscoring my commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge. Additionally, I have secured copyrights for 10 original works, further cementing my contributions to intellectual property. In addition to my research endeavors, I have also ventured into the realm of academia, having published seven books and serving as the editor of Scrivener Wiley, a prestigious platform in the academic community. These publications not only showcase my expertise but also reflect my passion for sharing knowledge and nurturing the next generation of professionals in the field. With a multidisciplinary approach and a drive for excellence, I am poised to continue making significant strides in electronics and telecommunication engineering, leveraging my expertise to address pressing challenges and drive impactful innovation.

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Academic: Teaching