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Ganesh Prasad B K

I am an electronics engineer currently working as an intern in STMicroelectronics.

Antony Brayan Sanabria Calderón

9th semester Electronic Engineering student with knowledge in Simulink, C++, Orcad, LTspice XVII and Verilog. As an electronic engineer in training I have developed a strong interest about the design of analog circuits as well as the operation and manufacture of logic and graphics processors, in the same way I am interested in the use of solar energy and the efficiency in new technologies.

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Academic: Student

Aisha Khan

I am a current Master's student in IC (Integrated Circuit) and Systems Design, as well as a Research Assistant at the Micro Nanoelectronics (MiNE) Lab located at SEECS NUST. I completed my Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering from UET Peshawar. As a member of the MiNE Lab team, I am involved in cutting-edge research in the field of micro and nanoelectronics, with a specific focus on the design and development of integrated circuits and systems. My academic and research background has provided me with a strong foundation in electronics engineering, and I am passionate about utilizing my skills to contribute to the development of innovative technologies in this field.