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Ahsan Ali

Passionate Electrical Engineer with interest in computer architecture and SoCs.


I am a Application Engineer working for Cadence Design Systems and I facilitate the use of the Palladium Emulator at different Customers.

Ganesh V

ECE undergraduate looking to gain expertise in Analog/digital design.

James Stine

Edward Joullian Endowed Chair in Engineering Oklahoma State University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering VLSI Computer Architecture Research Group

Sunkeerth M

Passionate student of electronics and computer engineering

Area of Expertise

Academic: Student

Mohammad A. Nili


C/C++ Verilog

Area of Expertise

Digital: RTL

Alperen Koyun

Beginner Digital Designer

Area of Expertise

Digital: RTL


Received B.S. degree from Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Middle East Technical University, Turkey, in 2019. Currently, pursuing M.S. degree from Electronics Engineering in Bogazici University, Turkey. Research interests are computer architecture, hardware security and secure memory architecture

Abdul Wadood

Final year student of Electrical Engineering at UET Lahore. Area of expertise is Digital Design, Computer Architecture and SOCs.

Maurya Patel



Area of Expertise

Academic: Student

Govindu Sathvik Reddy

micro-architecture enthusiast | student at IIT Indore

Mohit R

Graduate equipped with a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and communication with a concentration in Semiconductor and VLSI design with hands-on experience in CAD tools and to join a reputable organization to begin a fulfilling, lifelong career.

Gagan Gupta

I am an enthusiastic proponent of open source hardware. See my position paper on the topic: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/7945172.

Zain Siddavatam

A Computer Architecture Enthusiast, Undergrad Student


A student wants to study ASIC design.


C/C++ Verilog

Area of Expertise

Academic: Student

muhammad gamal rizq metwally

Fresh Electronics and Computer Engineering graduate from Nile University with magna cum laude distinction. Interested in computer architecture design using AI. Have an experience with digital IC design, data analysis, machine learning, software engineering, and system administration. Currently, working at the NISC research center in Nile University as a part-time research assistant in the field of microarchitecture design.

George Johnson

I am an engineering student in my 3rd year interested in a VLSI career i am still exploring the field and am currently interested in frontend design