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Gavisiddesh Javali

Motivated master' Student with progressive experience in ASIC Design and a real passion for it. An energetic - self-starter and team builder. Navigates high-stress situations and achieves goals on time and under budget. Always believing in learning and solving the problem through Technology.

Sajjad Ahmed

I am an graduate student of computer system engineering at Usman Institute of Technology. and working on RISCV based SoC designs since 2019 in Microelectronics Research Lab.

Pranav Vajreshwari

Working on ASIC, FPGA design flows. Interested in VLSI Design.

Ashesh Pangma

I am a MSc. Electronic engineering graduate interested in VLSI design.

Nithin Angadi

I have an enthusiastic to design a SoC.

Nelson Rodriguez

An enthusiast of the Open Source World.

Area of Expertise

Academic: Student

Sriharsha Ganti

Dynamic and career-oriented VLSI Verification Trainee. Looking for a responsible position as a VLSI verification engineer with a view to utilize and enhance my skills and experience towards professional and personal growth.

Deepak B

I'm an ASIC Design Engineer with a focus on SoC verification. With over three years of experience in the field, I have had the privilege of successfully completing and taping out three projects. My expertise lies in ensuring the functionality and performance of complex System-on-Chip designs through thorough verification methodologies. Throughout my career, I have gained a deep understanding of the entire design flow, from specification and architectural exploration to RTL coding and verification. I am proficient in industry-standard verification languages and methodologies, such as SystemVerilog and UVM.