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Marius Voicu

I am an EMC Specialist working at Renault and currently looking to fill my free time with interesting projects (Hardware, EMC, Design, Simulation)

sanjay kumar singh

I am VLSI Design P.G student at N.I.T , kurukshetra

Area of Expertise

Academic: Research

Ernesto Conde

Electrical engineer with over 7 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. Working experience in Analog IC Design, Silicon/FPGA Lab bring-up and testing, FPGA Prototyping/Emulation & ASIC/SoC Design,

Ganesh V

ECE undergraduate looking to gain expertise in Analog/digital design.

Marwan Mohamed

I am a senior Electronics and Communications Engineering student at the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. I have wide knowledge and some experience in analog electronics with huge passion towards it

Arshad Hussain

Currently working as Assistant Professor, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Thai Hoa Nguyen Huu

I'm a Master student in EE at UCLA.

Brendan Ford

I am a fourth year Electrical engineering student interested in design and verification of digital and analog integrated circuits. - I have experience doing layout for RFIC using SOI processes where I gained extensive knowledge in device physics, floorplanning, ESD protection techniques, and techniques to mitigate manufacturing limitations -I have extensive experience using Cadence Virtuoso layout XL , running verification simulations using Cadence ADE Explorer, EMX, and PEX.

Brendan Ford

A senior year electrical engineering student with expeirence doing IC layput for Mixed signal analog circuits such as DSA, RF Switches, Power switches, and logic blocks.


PhD student in analog/mixed-signal IC design at UCLA

Javier Contreras

Electrical Engineering senior student at the PUC Chile

Shabbar Vejlani

Digital and Mixed Signal Verification Engineer, with 9+ years of industry experience, looking to explore the entire chip design cycle.


student, interested in learning more about ic design and different ways of collaboration

Carlos German Carreño Romano

I'm currently working as an Optics Design Engineer for Biotech applications. My main interests are (Micro/Opto)Electronics, Optics and Photonics, Data Science and Embedded Systems.

Bharath G S

Hey, i am a electronics enthu! ready to learn

Ramiro Javier Rossi

Microelectronics enthusiastic. Testing engineer at Mirgor Argentina SA and Researcher at National University of Technology Regional Buenos Aires.

Belal Ali

fresh. grad electronics and communication engineering minia university advanced analog CMOS circuit design

James Thomas Doyle

Semi retired adjunct professor 45 years of IC design experience in mixed signal with over 100 patents. Presently entrepreneur working on PhD at ASU Have facilities and equipment to design and characterize chips at home lab and at 2 universities.

Area of Expertise

Analog: Design

Thiago Santos


C/C++ Matlab

Area of Expertise

Academic: Student

Belal Iqbal

I am Ph.D Scholar at IIITD , my research area is In memory computation.

Abdurrahman BAYLAN



Area of Expertise

Academic: Student

Laila Hany Fadl



Area of Expertise

Academic: Student

shravankumar S M

I am a PhD student at IISC Bangalore. I work on RF and mixed-signal circuit design.

Martin Elaskar

Electronic engineering student. 24 years old. Currently doing a LNA design as thesis.

Area of Expertise

Academic: Student


electronic engineer with knowledge in AMS design

Area of Expertise

Academic: Research

Vilmondes Ribeiro

Electronic and Telecommunications Engineer

Area of Expertise

Academic: Research

Ook Kim

As an analog / mixed mode designer for over 30 years. Innovators and always curious over new things.

Area of Expertise

Analog: Design

Aisha Khan

I am a current Master's student in IC (Integrated Circuit) and Systems Design, as well as a Research Assistant at the Micro Nanoelectronics (MiNE) Lab located at SEECS NUST. I completed my Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering from UET Peshawar. As a member of the MiNE Lab team, I am involved in cutting-edge research in the field of micro and nanoelectronics, with a specific focus on the design and development of integrated circuits and systems. My academic and research background has provided me with a strong foundation in electronics engineering, and I am passionate about utilizing my skills to contribute to the development of innovative technologies in this field.

Nicholas schlensky

Designer creating analogue circuits for instrumentation used in medical and physical sciences.

Tejas Nafde

Pre-Final Year Electronics Student at BITS Pilani, Goa.

Belkacem BENADDA

I'm an Electronics Professor at the University of Tlemcen

Area of Expertise

Academic: Research

Arun M

As a highly motivated and enthusiastic student, I possess strong programming and analytical skills. My passion lies in the fields of VLSI, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and embedded systems, and I am eager to further develop my knowledge and excel in these areas. With a keen attention to detail and a quick learning ability, I am able to grasp complex concepts swiftly and apply them effectively. My problem-solving skills have been honed through various academic projects, where I have demonstrated the ability to identify and overcome challenges with creativity and efficiency. I am now seeking an opportunity to learn and grow in a professional environment, leveraging my skills to contribute to the success of an organization.

Carl L Brando

I graduated with a computer engineering BS/MS from the University of Maryland College park. I now work in industry at a medical device company.


Get me to chip design!

Area of Expertise

Academic: Student