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Bhawandeep Singh

Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/bhawandeep-singh-1b164517/ PhD student in CSE department in UCSC, advised by Prof. Jose Renau. My areas of majors are CPU design, digital design and embedded software.

Jorge Scandaliaris

Teacher/researcher at the Electronics Department (DEEC) of Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, Argentina

Paulo Roberto Bueno de Carvalho

Paulo Roberto B. de Carvalho is a Hardware and Digital IC Design Engineer with 6-years experience in microelectronic area in Digital IC Design, with specialization in RTL design optimization for area and power reduction, Verification and Physical Implementation flow. He has 10-years experience in Application Engineering, technical consultant and semiconductors manufacture processes. He received his bachelor degree in materials, processes and electronic components technology at Faculdade de Tecnologia de Sao Paulo (FATEC-SP) in 2006. In 2011, he joined the Brazillian Federal Government IC Brazil Program of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI), trained in Digital Systems Design area. He received his Master of Science degree in Electric Engineering with specialization in Microelectronic area on Integrated Systems Laboratory at Electrical Engineering Department of Polytechnic School of University of Sao Paulo in 2016.



Electric CAD

Area of Expertise

Academic: Research

Arshad Hussain

Currently working as Assistant Professor, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Christo van Tubbergh

Graduate engineer with FPGA and Analog design experience

Aastha Dave

Undergraduate in ECE & Economics at BITS Pilani, India. An enthusiast in IC Design, VLSI and Physical Design.

Ajay Basran



Area of Expertise

Academic: Student

Brendan Ford

A senior year electrical engineering student with expeirence doing IC layput for Mixed signal analog circuits such as DSA, RF Switches, Power switches, and logic blocks.

Chaganati Harsha Vardhan Reddy

I'm Harsha, pursuing my under graduation in the stream of Electronics and Communication Engineering at SRM University AP

Shabbar Vejlani

Digital and Mixed Signal Verification Engineer, with 9+ years of industry experience, looking to explore the entire chip design cycle.

Lubna Shah

Currently enrolled as a MS fellow in EE specialization in IC Design. An ambitious research student aiming to gain knowledge and experience expertise in IC designing.

Abdul Wadood

Final year student of Electrical Engineering at UET Lahore. Area of expertise is Digital Design, Computer Architecture and SOCs.

Leo Moser

I am a student who is currently taking a deep dive into the world of ASICs.

Belal Iqbal

I am Ph.D Scholar at IIITD , my research area is In memory computation.

Karla Julieth Camacho Mercado

As a 9th semester student of Electronic Engineering at Universidad Industrial de Santander, I have developed a strong interests for design of analog circuits, optimization in the construction of transistors and chips manufacturing as well as the aspects that go into it. I posses knowledge of MATLAB (Simulink and Simscape), ORCAD, LTspice XVII, C++ and Verilog.

Area of Expertise

Academic: Student

Hareem Rashid

An electrical engineering student studying from FAST-NUCES with a vested interest in IC design.

Area of Expertise

Academic: Student

Govindu Sathvik Reddy

micro-architecture enthusiast | student at IIT Indore

Shaheer Sajid

Just a person trying to build a fully featured RISC-V micro-controller and looking cool :)

Vilmondes Ribeiro

Electronic and Telecommunications Engineer

Area of Expertise

Academic: Research

Greg Davill

Full time: Electronics Engineer with an interest in embedded systems solutions. I can take a project goal and design, develop, prototype, program, validate an embedded system reaching that goal. Part-time: Maker, interested in rapid prototyping, my lab has basic machines: CO2 Laser cutter, 3d printers, small milling machine. I've built 3 of my own 3d printers.

Muhammad Ali Farooq

Hi! I'm a senior student at the National University of Sciences and Technolog (NUST), and majoring in Electrical Engineering. My focus is Digital Design and FPGA fabrics.

Alejandro Pasciaroni

I am ASIC digital designer engineer, always keen to explore new alternatives, methodologies, designs. I like challenges and always proactive to help.

Arun M

As a highly motivated and enthusiastic student, I possess strong programming and analytical skills. My passion lies in the fields of VLSI, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and embedded systems, and I am eager to further develop my knowledge and excel in these areas. With a keen attention to detail and a quick learning ability, I am able to grasp complex concepts swiftly and apply them effectively. My problem-solving skills have been honed through various academic projects, where I have demonstrated the ability to identify and overcome challenges with creativity and efficiency. I am now seeking an opportunity to learn and grow in a professional environment, leveraging my skills to contribute to the success of an organization.

George Johnson

I am an engineering student in my 3rd year interested in a VLSI career i am still exploring the field and am currently interested in frontend design

Soham Bhattacharya

As a PhD candidate in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Rowan University, I am passionate about designing domain-specific customized hardware accelerators using Hardware Description Languages. I am currently a Graduate Research and Teaching Fellow, working on projects related to computer hardware architecture, digital design, and VLSI design. I have expertise in VHDL, VERILOG, and Scala, and experience with testing, debugging, simulating, and waveform analysis tools. I also have a strong background in computer architecture, SOC design, and reversible computing, and knowledge of C/C++ programming languages. Additionally, I have secured multiple grants from the National Science Foundation for conducting customer discovery interviews in the domain of scientific computing. I have also published several papers in international journals and received the Young Researcher Award in 2020. I am a team player, a leader, a mentor, and a public speaker, with skills in interviewing, collaborating, and empowering others.