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Ahsan Ali

Passionate Electrical Engineer with interest in computer architecture and SoCs.


I am a Application Engineer working for Cadence Design Systems and I facilitate the use of the Palladium Emulator at different Customers.

Gaurav Sattiwale

I am a learner with a enthusiasm towards new concepts.

Area of Expertise

Academic: Student

Ravishankara K

Verification Architect

Area of Expertise

Digital: Verification

Dr. Jamuna S

Working as Professor in an Engineering College, I teach VLSI related subjects like HDL, CMOS design, Verification and Testing

Area of Expertise

Academic: Teaching

Bharathi M

working as Assistant Professor in Sree Vidyanikethan engineering college, Tirupati.


Received B.S. degree from Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Middle East Technical University, Turkey, in 2019. Currently, pursuing M.S. degree from Electronics Engineering in Bogazici University, Turkey. Research interests are computer architecture, hardware security and secure memory architecture

Paras Vekariya

I am a student at IIIT Bangalore pursuing Integrated Mtech in Electronica and Communications Engineering and am fascinated about silicon wafers and want to pursue a career and build a revolution in this domain.

Ufuk Yıldırım


C/C++ Verilog VHDL

Area of Expertise

Digital: DFT

Ignacio Herrera

I am a PhD. Telecommunication Engineer with 25 years of working experience in the industry. I started my career in 1997 as an IC Design Engineer, then I moved to other technical and management roles in the semiconductor and aerospace industries. Since 2017 I am also teaching IC Design at University for MsC. graduate students.


Automation enthusiast (likes to code in Perl). At this time, Doing Master's in VLSI Design and working as an intern @intel. Great learning experience doing both simultaneously. Have experience designing in both circuit (Low power & timing) & device level (high performance designs for digital applications). Obtained honor of 3rd position in concept design competition by ISRO for designing temperature & radiation resistant Tunnel FET. Would love to work with all device technology enthusiasts as opportunities arise.

Zhiyang Ong

Zhiyang Ong is a globetrotting, venturesome cultural chameleon tackling challenges related to U.N. Sustainable Development Goals, using a skill set that spans electrical engineering and computer science. He is a Ph.D. student at Texas A&M University's electrical & computer engineering department. He is currently working on noise-based logic and embedded deep learning, and had worked on problems in electronic design automation, VLSI formal verification, satisfiability modulo theories, network science (or complex systems), evolutionary computation, network optimization, and multi-objective optimization. He has also designed multiple VLSI circuits and systems, from SRAMs and processors to a Viterbi decoder and a tree adder. In his free time, he was recently working on solving the Quadratic Travelling Salesman Problem (QTSP) with his research collaborators, using an adiabatic quantum computer from D-Wave Systems.

Darshan Guled

hello, my name is Darshan Guled, i am an engineering student and i am working on PICO RISc processor and RAVEN chip,

Geethanand N

Ex intel professional with over 5 years of experience in front end Vlsi

Mohit R

Graduate equipped with a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and communication with a concentration in Semiconductor and VLSI design with hands-on experience in CAD tools and to join a reputable organization to begin a fulfilling, lifelong career.

Feroz Ahmed Choudhary

physical design engineer

Sriharsha Ganti

Dynamic and career-oriented VLSI Verification Trainee. Looking for a responsible position as a VLSI verification engineer with a view to utilize and enhance my skills and experience towards professional and personal growth.

Ook Kim

As an analog / mixed mode designer for over 30 years. Innovators and always curious over new things.

Area of Expertise

Analog: Design

Mohamed mustafa

Passionate about digital electronics and aspiring to launch a career in this dynamic field. Currently seeking an internship opportunity to apply and further develop my knowledge and skills in digital electronics design, verification, circuit analysis, and FPGA programming. Implemented CORDIC Algorithm, UART Tx and Rx module and the Baud rate Generator, Single cycle Risc-v 32 bit processor and LFSR(Linear feedback shift register) , all using Verilog HDL. I am enthusiastic about learning from industry professionals and contributing to innovative projects. With a solid foundation in Verilog HDL, digital logic and a strong drive for continuous growth, Open to opportunities that foster professional development and hands-on experience in digital electronics.

Area of Expertise

Academic: Student

Mohamed Hossam

My name is Mohamed, I'm from Egypt, I'm studying at the electronics and communications engineering department at Cairo University, I'm an undergraduate student and my expected graduation year is 2024. I am interested in digital design track, I have done many projects related to this field. I am very passionate to get this experience and I am sure that I will do great work with you.

Usama ishfaq

Hello, my name is Usama Ishfaq. I am an electronics engineer with expertise in IC design. With years of experience in the industry, I have developed a strong understanding of the complexities involved in designing and developing integrated circuits. My passion for electronics and technology has driven me to constantly learn and innovate, ensuring that I stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field. I take pride in my ability to work collaboratively with teams and clients to deliver high-quality solutions that meet their specific needs. Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction.

Harsh Rajeshbhai Vagadiya

VLSI Enthusiastic

Area of Expertise

Academic: Student

Vilan Jayawardene

Dedicated, innovative and enthusiastic individual with consolidated expertise in Digital Electronics, Data Sciences, Robotics and IoT. A confident leader who effectively collaborates with the team members to accomplish all goals in an accurate and timely manner.


Enthusiastic electronics engineer passionate about the digital VLSI domain.