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Avi Messica

NeoLogic, CEO



Area of Expertise

Analog: Design

Wonyoung Kim

CEO of PineS Corp., Established in 1999, ASIC Design Service & Full Custom Layout Service.

Shibmalya Sen

M.Tech in VLSI and Microelectronics.

Alfredo Roskamp Coelho

I am a experienced analog and mixed-signal circuits designer, using standard and/or custom circuits ( external IPs or from my own design ).

Istvan Kovacs

Analog IC design engineer with expertise in designing analog building blocks variable gain amplifiers, active filters, frequency synthesizer (integer-N PLLs), voltage regulators.


I am a teacher at MIT Manipal , currently pursuing my Ph.D in the field of LDO voltage regulator.

Area of Expertise


Marius Voicu

I am an EMC Specialist working at Renault and currently looking to fill my free time with interesting projects (Hardware, EMC, Design, Simulation)


I am an Electrical Engineering Student at the University of Colorado Denver



Area of Expertise

Analog IC

Eduardo Anais

I want play tennis



Area of Expertise

Analog IC

Youssef Ahmed Mohammed

senior student-ECE departmant-faculty of engineering-ASU.

Amr Walid

Experienced Mixed Signal Design Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the semiconductors industry. Skilled in Data Conversion, Analog Circuit Design, CMOS and Mixed Signal. Strong engineering professional with a Master's degree focused in Electronics Engineering from Ain Shams University.


Electronics Engineer, passionate about science with strong technical and interpersonal skills for working in a team and successfully completing a project.

Cristian Hamanaka

Analog IC Designer

sanjay kumar singh

I am VLSI Design P.G student at N.I.T , kurukshetra

Area of Expertise

Academic: Research

Saravanan Nanthakumar

I am a Master Degree holder in VLSI Design. I am interested in Analog Circuit Design.

Ernesto Conde

Electrical engineer with over 7 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. Working experience in Analog IC Design, Silicon/FPGA Lab bring-up and testing, FPGA Prototyping/Emulation & ASIC/SoC Design,

Tan Kong Yew

My current work is as an analog mixed signal circuit designer for a government R&D institute, I am also involved in characterization and testing after the chip returns from foundry.

Area of Expertise

Academic: Research



Electric CAD

Area of Expertise

Academic: Research

Ganesh V

ECE undergraduate looking to gain expertise in Analog/digital design.


I'm an engineer with experience in analog IC design both in private companies as well as academia. Experienced in design of delay locked loop(DLL), clock recovery, field detectors, voltage limiters, operational amplifiers, current mirrors, bandgap reference and so on.

Marwan Mohamed

I am a senior Electronics and Communications Engineering student at the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt. I have wide knowledge and some experience in analog electronics with huge passion towards it

Narayana Bhagirath Thota

Analog circuit designer

Area of Expertise

Academic: Research

Arshad Hussain

Currently working as Assistant Professor, Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan.

Ganesh Prasad B K

I am an electronics engineer currently working as an intern in STMicroelectronics.

Gavisiddesh Javali

Motivated master' Student with progressive experience in ASIC Design and a real passion for it. An energetic - self-starter and team builder. Navigates high-stress situations and achieves goals on time and under budget. Always believing in learning and solving the problem through Technology.

Paulo Marcio Moreira e Silva

Adjunct professor at Federal University of Itajuba in Itabira, Brazil. Experience in the design of Analog and RF integrated circuits.

João Silva

PhD Student Research on Integrated Sensor Interfacing Systems featuring signal conditioning and A/D conversion. Functional blocks developed: VGA, current-steering DAC, SAR ADC, AA Filters, SPI master/slave.

Nishit Nathwani

I am a Master's student who has to know for learning and do experiments as well as for writing technical blogger. My website links are given below to connect with my open-source family of the VLSI champions. https://nishitnathwani.blogspot.com/ https://geniusvlsi.blogspot.com/

Ram Pratap Aditham

Engineering Consultant with 20 years of experience in RF and Analog Circuit Design

Thai Hoa Nguyen Huu

I'm a Master student in EE at UCLA.

Pablo Alejandro Ferreyra

Researcher and Professor at the National University of Córdoba, Argentina. Actual Research areas: microelectronics, embedded systems, Digital Signal Processing

Pranav Mathews

Electrical Engineering PhD student at Georgia Tech

Ishika Maheshwari

i am a college student and want to do projects

Area of Expertise

Academic: Student

Shubham Garg

Undergraduate student At Indian Institute of Technology Goa Interested in analog electronics, digital electronics, circuit design

Area of Expertise

Academic: Student

Uzair Ahmad

A hard working IC Design master student aiming excellency and professional experience in the field of Integrated Circuit Design specially analog and mixed signal design like Data converters, LDO, Opamp and Bandgap reference.

Ajay Basran



Area of Expertise

Academic: Student

Brendan Ford

I am a fourth year Electrical engineering student interested in design and verification of digital and analog integrated circuits. - I have experience doing layout for RFIC using SOI processes where I gained extensive knowledge in device physics, floorplanning, ESD protection techniques, and techniques to mitigate manufacturing limitations -I have extensive experience using Cadence Virtuoso layout XL , running verification simulations using Cadence ADE Explorer, EMX, and PEX.

Sanya Gagr

I'm a third-year student at Bits-Pilani (ECE). I am greatly interested and highly motivated towards pursuing a career in digital and analog circuits.

Area of Expertise

Academic: Student

Damjan Mustur

I am an electronics engineer from Montenegro, specializing in integrated electronics design and simulation. My greatest interest is in the field of analog ICs, especially applications in the medical field. Other interests are mathematics(dynamical systems foremost), physics simulations using numerical methods and so on. I also like to spend my spare time making a game engine in C++

Ashraf Mohamed

Highly-motivated Engineer looking to gaining new challenge in Analog IC design and RF/ mm-wave IC Design. Organized, hardworking, and energetic. Wishing to leverage my passion for technology and design.

Nejo Necar



Area of Expertise

Analog: Design

Brendan Ford

A senior year electrical engineering student with expeirence doing IC layput for Mixed signal analog circuits such as DSA, RF Switches, Power switches, and logic blocks.


PhD student in analog/mixed-signal IC design at UCLA

Ranjit Neelakandan

Extremely curious about things. Willingness to learn new things.

Javier Contreras

Electrical Engineering senior student at the PUC Chile



C/C++ Matlab

Area of Expertise

Analog: Design

Shabbar Vejlani

Digital and Mixed Signal Verification Engineer, with 9+ years of industry experience, looking to explore the entire chip design cycle.

Madhuri Hemant Kadam

Analog VLSI Design Enthusiast

Area of Expertise

Analog: Design


student, interested in learning more about ic design and different ways of collaboration

Carlos German Carreño Romano

I'm currently working as an Optics Design Engineer for Biotech applications. My main interests are (Micro/Opto)Electronics, Optics and Photonics, Data Science and Embedded Systems.

Lubna Shah

Currently enrolled as a MS fellow in EE specialization in IC Design. An ambitious research student aiming to gain knowledge and experience expertise in IC designing.

Hamza Saleem

I have done my undergraduate in Electronic Engineering. Right now I am doing MS in Electrical Engineering(Specialized in IC Design) from NUCES FAST, Islamabad.

hamza atiq

Im designated as a lab engineer at Fast NU Isl. My area of expertise is analog and Rf ic design.

Muhammad Jawad Shakil

hi, i am jawad. I have done my bachelors in electrical engineering from UET Lahore, Currently, as a research student, i am interested in SoC's. My future goals is to develop expertise in analog, mixed signal and RF circuits designs.

Hamza Saleem

I have done undergraduate in Electronics Engineering and doing MS in IC design from NUCES-Fast Islamabad.

Bharath G S

Hey, i am a electronics enthu! ready to learn

Ramiro Javier Rossi

Microelectronics enthusiastic. Testing engineer at Mirgor Argentina SA and Researcher at National University of Technology Regional Buenos Aires.

Mohamed Elkhouly

I am a senior researcher at Nokia Bell Labs. I am specialized in the design of RFIC and mmWave IC.

Milad Diba

Analog IC design engineer with background in sensor Front-End design and semiconductor radiation detectors.

Rahul Sharma

Interested in Analog IC and RFIC Design.

Suchitav Khadanga

Analog and rfic design professional working since 1997 , Mainly products on wireless ic design, development and testing. mobile, bluetooth, wlan, uwb, rfid , zigbee chips. blocks receiver, transmitter, pll, ldo, mixer, lna, pa, switch , pmic,

Hamdy Elshehaby

An electronics and communication engineering student with a great passion for RF and analog design.

Ignacio Herrera

I am a PhD. Telecommunication Engineer with 25 years of working experience in the industry. I started my career in 1997 as an IC Design Engineer, then I moved to other technical and management roles in the semiconductor and aerospace industries. Since 2017 I am also teaching IC Design at University for MsC. graduate students.

Belal Ali

fresh. grad electronics and communication engineering minia university advanced analog CMOS circuit design

James Thomas Doyle

Semi retired adjunct professor 45 years of IC design experience in mixed signal with over 100 patents. Presently entrepreneur working on PhD at ASU Have facilities and equipment to design and characterize chips at home lab and at 2 universities.

Area of Expertise

Analog: Design

Thiago Santos


C/C++ Matlab

Area of Expertise

Academic: Student

Donel Anto

Interested in Analog IC Design

Area of Expertise

Analog IC Design

Devadut S Balan

I am Electronics and Communications Engineering

Belal Iqbal

I am Ph.D Scholar at IIITD , my research area is In memory computation.

Abdurrahman BAYLAN



Area of Expertise

Academic: Student

Anirban Mukherjee

Mtech student in vlsi at IIT Delhi

Antony Brayan Sanabria Calderón

9th semester Electronic Engineering student with knowledge in Simulink, C++, Orcad, LTspice XVII and Verilog. As an electronic engineer in training I have developed a strong interest about the design of analog circuits as well as the operation and manufacture of logic and graphics processors, in the same way I am interested in the use of solar energy and the efficiency in new technologies.

Area of Expertise

Academic: Student

Laila Hany Fadl



Area of Expertise

Academic: Student

Muhammad Dawood Asghar

MS Electrical Engineering Fellow with a focus on Integrated Circuits and Systems Design. Skilled in Cadence (Virtuoso, Innovus and Genus)

Karla Julieth Camacho Mercado

As a 9th semester student of Electronic Engineering at Universidad Industrial de Santander, I have developed a strong interests for design of analog circuits, optimization in the construction of transistors and chips manufacturing as well as the aspects that go into it. I posses knowledge of MATLAB (Simulink and Simscape), ORCAD, LTspice XVII, C++ and Verilog.

Area of Expertise

Academic: Student


Electrical Engineer, Enthusiastic in semiconductor field.

Yashas L.R

Graduate Student and Research Assistant at the MM-Wave, THZ and Photonics Lab (MTP), Arizona State University

shravankumar S M

I am a PhD student at IISC Bangalore. I work on RF and mixed-signal circuit design.

Muhammad Waleed

Love for ELectronics Chips Designing, Eager for knowledge. Close to Nature and meet me on the success road.

Mohd Hasan

I have been working as a Full Professor in Electronics Engineering Department, AMU, Aligarh.

Santunu Sarangi

An energetic semiconductor professional with varied experience in the field of research, teaching and IC design. 📌 More than 6 years of experience in analog and mixed signal IC design. 📌 3 years of mentoring experience in analog circuit and layout design. 📌 Been part of the 4 complete IC development project. 📌 Inventor and co-inventor of 2 patents (filed) in the field of high-speed data path communication. 📌 Published few research papers with more than 30 engineering citations. 📌 6 month experience as a lead role in standard cell library development in a leading semiconductor organisation. 📌 more than 4 years of teaching experience in under-graduate electronics engineering courses.

Martin Elaskar

Electronic engineering student. 24 years old. Currently doing a LNA design as thesis.

Area of Expertise

Academic: Student


electronic engineer with knowledge in AMS design

Area of Expertise

Academic: Research

Pavan Kumar Kori

current I am doing postgraduation in a Micro and Nanoelectronics

Minhyuk Sung (Liam)

Hello. I am Liam and Analog enginner in South Korea. I want to participate this great opputinity and share my design to other people.

Israa Yousuf Abu Shawish

Israa Y. I. AbuShawish received the B. Sc degree in electrical and electronics engineering in 2018/2019 (Hons.). She joined the M.Sc. in electrical and electronics engineering from the University of Sharjah in 2019 and in September 2022 she received the degree. She has been working as a teacher assistant with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Sharjah, UAE since 2019. Currently, she worked as a researcher with the research group: Mixed Analog-Digital Smart Electronic Circuits and Systems (MADSECS) in University of Sharjah, which is one of the specialized Research Groups affiliated to the Research Institute for Sciences and Engineering. Her master’s thesis involves the design of low-frequency amplifiers based on highly linear pseudo-resistor and using programmable Analog Building Blocks, such as CMOS rail-to-rail operational amplifiers and Digital programmable operational transconductance amplifiers. She has published several research papers in international conferences and Journals. Her research interests include mixed analog digital IC design, Bio-medical amplifiers and operational amplifier circuit design. Currently she is pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering, at United Arab Emirates University (UAEU).

Vilmondes Ribeiro

Electronic and Telecommunications Engineer

Area of Expertise

Academic: Research

Estevao Coelho Teixeira

I am a professor at Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF). I'm interested on analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits, as well as analog and digital electronics and microprocessors.

Henrique Oliveira Leite Aroeira de Assis

Electrical Engineer, pursuing a Masters in Microelectronics

Pradeep Kumar Velidi

I am a young student, growing high with a passion for VLSI. I am highly interested in working on high-speed low-power RTL chip design.


working as a assistant professor in the department of ECE ICFAITECH


Msc Microelectronics from TU Delft. Passionate about Analog IC designs.

Stephen Rector

RF/Analog IC Designer. Experience in design of transmitter and receiver lineups and circuit design in the RF, analog and mixed-signal domains. Background includes LNA and PA driver design in CMOS up to 30 GHz, CTSDM ADC and wide-BW OTA design. Experienced in sampled and continuous-time filter synthesis. Proficient in CMOS design in the moderate-inversion regime. More recent work includes design of Feedback Receivers for cellular handset TX linearization and power control, and most recently a 28 GHz wideband, tuned TX driver block.

Rodolfo Sanchez Fraga

Research scientist working in a MOS technology support for teaching at academic institutions.

Ook Kim

As an analog / mixed mode designer for over 30 years. Innovators and always curious over new things.

Area of Expertise

Analog: Design



Area of Expertise

Academic: Student

Aisha Khan

I am a current Master's student in IC (Integrated Circuit) and Systems Design, as well as a Research Assistant at the Micro Nanoelectronics (MiNE) Lab located at SEECS NUST. I completed my Bachelor's degree in Electronics Engineering from UET Peshawar. As a member of the MiNE Lab team, I am involved in cutting-edge research in the field of micro and nanoelectronics, with a specific focus on the design and development of integrated circuits and systems. My academic and research background has provided me with a strong foundation in electronics engineering, and I am passionate about utilizing my skills to contribute to the development of innovative technologies in this field.

Nicholas schlensky

Designer creating analogue circuits for instrumentation used in medical and physical sciences.


I majored in electronic science and technology for my undergraduate degree and integrated circuit engineering for my postgraduate degree. During this period, my research direction was analog integrated circuit design and application.

Jean-Sébastien Staelens

Technology enthusiast, passionate by innovative cutting edge projects

Muhammad Abdullah

I am a recent graduate who have done his Bachelors of Science in electrical with specialization in electronics.Currently I am doing my masters in IC designing. Mainly my field of research is in analog design,but overall my interest for IC designing is vast and I am eager to learn all the concepts and tools whether they are related to analog or digital.

Usama ishfaq

Hello, my name is Usama Ishfaq. I am an electronics engineer with expertise in IC design. With years of experience in the industry, I have developed a strong understanding of the complexities involved in designing and developing integrated circuits. My passion for electronics and technology has driven me to constantly learn and innovate, ensuring that I stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in the field. I take pride in my ability to work collaboratively with teams and clients to deliver high-quality solutions that meet their specific needs. Thank you for taking the time to read my introduction.

Tejas Nafde

Pre-Final Year Electronics Student at BITS Pilani, Goa.

Lothar Schmidt

Experienced circuit and chip designer and design manager with major interest in low voltage low power analog design.

Haziq Rohail

A PhD student working in WEST (Wireless Environmental Sensor Technology) Lab with a focus on Analog IC design.

Anand Rajgopalan

I am an electronics engineer.

Belkacem BENADDA

I'm an Electronics Professor at the University of Tlemcen

Area of Expertise

Academic: Research

Arun M

As a highly motivated and enthusiastic student, I possess strong programming and analytical skills. My passion lies in the fields of VLSI, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and embedded systems, and I am eager to further develop my knowledge and excel in these areas. With a keen attention to detail and a quick learning ability, I am able to grasp complex concepts swiftly and apply them effectively. My problem-solving skills have been honed through various academic projects, where I have demonstrated the ability to identify and overcome challenges with creativity and efficiency. I am now seeking an opportunity to learn and grow in a professional environment, leveraging my skills to contribute to the success of an organization.

Everson Martins

Experience in the area of electrical engineering, with an emphasis on analog circuit design.


Electric CAD

Area of Expertise

Academic: Teaching

Shrikrishna K

MSECE student at Ohio State University with focus on Analog & Mixed Signal VLSI circuits


I am a computer engineering student doing my thesis on analog circuit design.



Area of Expertise

Academic: Student

Dr. Pallavi G. Darji

I am working as an asssociate professor in EC departments, at Dharmsinh Desai University, Nadiad, Gujarat. I am working in the field of Analog and Mixed signal Design. I had proposed small size CSDAC in my phd work and now I am working on 16 bit bidirectional data bus to communicate two ICs at different voltages. I want to prepare IC for it.

Alejandro Silva Juárez

My research interests include systematic circuit synthesis techniques, modeling and simulation of linear and nonlinear circuits and systems, design and applications of fractional order chaotic oscillators, multi-objective optimization, evolutionary algorithms, and analog and mixed-signal design automation tools.

Area of Expertise

Digital: Synthesis

Bhanu Pandey

I have worked in Texas Instruments for almost 5 years. I am trying out a new software

Area of Expertise

Analog: Design

Carl L Brando

I graduated with a computer engineering BS/MS from the University of Maryland College park. I now work in industry at a medical device company.

Hao-Yen Tang

Hao-Yen Tang received his PhD degree from UC Berkeley Advised by Prof. Bernhard E. Boser, his PhD research, PMUT ultrasonic fingerprint sensor, convince InvenSense senior management to make a heavy investment to take this technology to mass market. At InvenSense he’s leading a multi-disciplinary system team for the next generation ultrasonic fingerprint sensor bringup, characterization and calibration, coordinating the works from different field including acoustic, MEMS, CMOS, FW, and SW. Currently, he serves as CTO/Co-Founder in the startup company UltraSense Systems. The company is aiming to transform any surface material into a Touch/Press user interface with it’s proprietary PiezoMEMS-CMOS technology. Dr. Tang is the recipient of 2016 ISSCC Best Paper Award (Lewis Winner Award for Outstanding Paper), 2015 SSCS Pre-Doctoral Award and 2015 ADI Outstanding Student Designer Award. Currently he holds 20+ granted patents, 20+ publications, and 2000+ citations.

Gourav Salla

MTech MVLSI (23-25) student at IITK

Area of Expertise

Academic: Student

Anshul Verma

I am a research scholar in the Electronics & Communication Engineering department at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Roorkee, Roorkee, India. My research area includes Analog/RF and Mixed signal circuit design, mainly focused on Phase Locked Loops (PLL).


Get me to chip design!

Area of Expertise

Academic: Student